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Software Changes to Instructor Computers for Fall 2012

The software loaded on media classroom instructor computers has been updated for Fall. There are some key changes and additions:

  • Turning Technologies (Clickers) student response systems software released an upgrade that includes several changes. Canvas integration for clicker registration is also complete. For Turning Technologies user guides and trainings, click here.
  • A new version of Pixelture's LearnSpace has been installed on every standard instructor station. This software allows you share the projector screen space with your students, from their laptops. For Pixelture user guides and trainings, click here.
  • We are piloting a virtual desktop product for instructors who may need access to specialized software at the instructor station, and who cannot bring a laptop to class. It is called Stoneware.
  • To check current classroom computer software and versions, click here.
  • For a complete list of Classrooms and available Media and Equipment click here, and then click Master List at the top of the page.

For more information or training on these products, please contact the Media Services Help Line at (801) 863-1111. You may also e-mail

Faculty Center for Teaching Excellence

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Innovation Center

The Innovation Center provides assistance to faculty that want to integrate technology into their classes, improve course design, or even explore the latest trends. The Center offers several workshops throughout the year, and is also available extended hours for one-on-one assistance. For more information and to see their schedule of workshops and other events, please visit their website: .