Faculty Workload System

The process to plan, manage, and report faculty workload activity accurately is complex. Academic Affairs intends to simplify it by integrating each of these tasks (planning, managing, and reporting) into one information system. A task force has been formed and given the charge to develop such a system, while insuring that there is open communication and input as to its use and features.

The task force has reviewed existing policy, workload scenarios, business processes, and functionality within the Banner system, in order to develop system requirements. Based on the task force's findings and the project requirements, the faculty workload system will use the Banner Faculty Workload Module at its core. Modifications have been and are being made to other dependent processes or systems (e.g., instructor verification and eSAF) as well as the Banner module.

Faculty instructional hours reporting has been created and is being validated at this time (11/2009), and non-instructional (ACHE/GCHE) hours are being entered directly into Banner by financial managers. Work is underway to modify the instructor verification online forms so that they allow entry by departments for ACHE/GCHE hours, and display total workload hours as well. Project specifications for a new modified eSAF system are also in development.

For more information, please review the following documents:

Project Definition  (pdf - revised 1/29/2009)
System Requirements  (pdf - 1/26/2009)

If you have questions, feel free to e-mail facultyworkload@uvu.edu or contact a member of the task force:

Laura Busby - Academic Affairs
Ked Black - Payroll
Eva Bernfeld - Academic Scheduling & Curriculum
Robert Burns - Extended Studies
Colby Callahan - Human Resources
Steve Clark - Behavioral Science Department
Kerri Howlett - College of Science and Health
Marc Jerome - IT Administrative Programming
Linda Makin - Planning & Budgets
Larry Marsing - College of Computing & Technology
Tim Stanley - Institutional Research & Information
Ellen Sweat - Budgets