SRI Faculty Frequently Asked Questions

Evaluations will be open based on the part of term the course is taught, please see the main SRI page for a full table of dates.


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How do I see my results from past semesters?

Log in to UVLink
Click on the Faculty/Advisor tab
Click on "Teaching" tab on the right menu
Click on "Course Evaluation Reporting" link under the "STUDENT RATING OF INSTRUCTION" channel
You will be directed to the SRI system, where you can then click on the number of evaluations taken to see the survey detail.
A complete SRI System Guide can be found here.

Can I tell how many students have submitted their survey during the evaluation period?

Yes. You will receive a periodic e-mail from the survey system with a listing of the classes you teach and the response rate. You can also check student response rates throughout the survey period by looking at the SRI channel in UVLink. See this screenshot for where to find it.

When can I see the actual survey results?

You will not be able to see any actual survey results until all grades are submitted for a class. Once all of your grades are submitted, you can see results in our current system using the steps shown in this screenshot then click on the "Course Evaluation Reporting" at the bottom of the list. In addition, an e-mail will be sent to you one to two weeks after grades are due containing the results for each class section you teach. See a sample of this e-mail.

What information is included in the survey results?

The number of students responding, and response breakdowns are provided for each question on the survey, by class section. You will also be able to see summary information for each of the three demographic questions in the current survey.

What information is NOT included in the survey results?

As has been the case in the past, the survey is anonymous, and you will not be able to tell whether particular students have submitted surveys or not.

When can students complete SRIs?

Students can complete SRIs beginning two weeks prior to finals, until 6 days after finals, for each class.

Will students be reminded to participate in SRIs, in addition to my own reminders and incentives?

Students will receive an e-mail containing a link to the survey at the beginning of the survey period, and periodically until they complete the survey. Announcements will also be made through UV Announcements in UVLink.

How can I encourage students to participate in the SRI process?

The effectiveness of the SRI system is largely founded on an instructor's support of that system with their students as a way to provide feedback. Continued reminders and encouragement in class can go a long way to increasing the response rate for your SRIs. You can also send personal e-mail reminders to your classes using your course lists. And, if you have course content within Canvas, you can use those tools to communicate with your students about SRIs. Some instructors choose to provide extra credit.

If your class meets in a computer lab, you can allot time in class for students to complete their SRIs online.

If I offer extra credit for completion of the survey, how can the student prove their participation?

The survey is anonymous, but students can print a confirmation receipt after they've completed the survey. This receipt remains available to them as long as they keep the e-mail link for the survey and the surveys are still open.
I'm having difficulty getting into UVLink or seeing the survey results. Who do I call?

Please contact the Service Desk at (801)863-8888.

I'm a department chair. How can I see survey results?

All reporting on survey results is suspended while surveys are open. After the survey close, and all grades are in, the access is reinstated. When the access has been restored, you will need your SurveyDIG login and password. You can receive this at any time or submit report requests by calling Laura Busby at (801)863-8456.

Can I see samples of the survey and student e-mails?

Click on the following links to see samples of the survey and confirmation receipt:
Student E-mail
Confirmation Receipt

What are the questions on the SRI survey?

The Instructor ...

Is Well Organized?
Responds respectfully to student questions and viewpoints?
Treats students fairly?
Gives clear examples and explanations?
Is knowledgeable about the subject?
Provides timely feedback about student performance?
Has high achievement standards in this class?
I would recommend this instructor to other students?

Potential Answers:

Strongly Disagree, Disagree, Neutral, Agree, Strongly Agree

I have additional questions that were not answered in this FAQ. Who should I contact for answers?

If you have other questions, please contact your department chair or Kathren Brown at (801)863-8517 or via e-mail at

Dear Faculty member,

We know that feedback is important in your effort to improve the quality of teaching at UVU. We appreciate your assistance in encouraging your students to participate in the SRI process each semester. Here are some hints as to how you can do this:

  1. Explain the purpose and importance of student feedback and how you have used the data in the past to improve your teaching.
  2. Remind students periodically during the evaluation period how many have completed the survey and that you would appreciate all of them taking the time to give you some feedback on your teaching.
  3. Add the following information to your Course Syllabus: The Student Rating of Instructor (SRI) will be available online the last three weeks of the semester. Your feedback is expected and used by the instructor to improve the teaching and learning experience of the course. Your anonymity and confidentiality of your responses is assured: your instructors will NOT be able to determine what you have said or how you have rated them.
  4. Inform students of the dates that the evaluation will be available online. Tell or show students how to access the online survey in UVLink and let them know who they can contact if they need help.

If you have problems logging into UVLink call the UVU IT Service Desk at 801-863-8888. For questions or suggestions regarding the survey please email