Tips For Success

Struggling Academically?

Understanding why you struggle is the first step in succeeding! Knowledge is POWER!

  1. Lacking motivation or a constructive attitude?

    • 7 Habits of Highly Effective People ( CLSS 1200) and Career and Major Exploration (CLSS 2100) are both great classes to help you figure out your purpose and career goals. They can help you figure out the answers to the following questions:
      • Why are you in school at UVU right now?
      • What is important to you?
      • What are you willing to sacrifice for your academic goals?
  2. Unsure of your career and/or academic goals?

    • Visit the Academic Counseling Center in LC 402 for assistance with career exploration
    • Visit Career Development Center for help securing informational interviews, job shadowing experiences, and internships to learn more about potential careers. They are located in LC 409.
  3. Failing to manage your time and/or priorities effectively?

    • For every class hour, plan to spend two hours of study time outside of class
    • Watch out for time wasters
    • Create a reasonable schedule
    • Evaluate your environment. Make sure it’s supportive of your academic goal.
  4. Poor study habits or skills?

    • Go to class
    • Participate in discussions
    • Read your textbooks
    • Set aside time to study/review notes right after class
    • Take breaks from studying every 20 to 40 minutes
    • Visit with the Learning Strategist in LC 405 R.
    • Take a CLSS 1000 University Student Success Class
  5. Poor emotional or physical health?

  6. Aware of your resources?

    • Instructors
    • Advisors
    • Learning Strategist LC 405 Q/R
    • TRIO: Student Support Services WB 100
    • Tutoring
      • Math Lab LA 201
      • Writing Lab LI 208
      • Academic Tutoring LA 201
      • Stoddard Learning Lab MATC
    • Accessibility Services- LC 312
      • Learning Disabilities
      • Physical Disabilities
      • Mental Health Disabilities

Become a better student.

Take Student Success Classes:
  • CLSS 1000: Student Success
  • CLSS 1100: Stress Management
  • CLSS 1200: 7 Habits
  • CLSS 2100: Career & Major Exploration

Damage Control

When things get rough...
  • Talk with your instructor
  • See your advisor
  • Consider withdrawing (before the deadline)
These strategies may help avoid a low GPA

How to Repair a Low GPA

  • Retake the class (must be same UVU class)
  • Petition your UWs (Unofficial Withdrawals)
  • Academic Renewal (see your advisor)

College life is a major transition.
Be ready for the challenge.

Let us help you find the resources to overcome your challenges and succeed in college!