Frequently Asked Questions

What is Academic Standards and how do I contact them?
What is Academic Standing?
How do I remove my holds?
What about grade changes, petitions, and other things?

What are Academic Standards?

A university policy set up to track student performance from semester to semester using the grades you earn.

Where is the Academic Standards Office?

In  LC 402

If I’m having continued academic challenges, who should I talk with?

  • Jan Klingman, Director of Academic Standards
  • Kristen Nuesmeyer, Academic Standards Counselor
  • Jan and Kristen are located in the Academic Counseling Center in LC 402

What is "Academic Standing"?

Your academic performance resulting from your grade point average (GPA). Your performance is measured these ways:
  1. Good Standing = GPA of 2.0 or higher
  2. Warning = GPA for most recent term is below 2.0, but cumulative GPA is above a 2.0.
  3. Probation = GPA for both your overall and current semesters are below 2.0
  4. Continued Probation = Your overall and current semester GPA for two continuous semesters is below 2.0
  5. Suspension = A student on continued probation who receives a subsequent semester GPA below 2.0
  6. Dismissal = A student who fails to comply with the requirements of their academic suspension

What are the Academic Standing holds and what can I do to have them removed?

What is  an "Academic Warning"?

When your GPA for the current term drops below a 2.0

How do I remove an "Academic Warning" hold?

What's "Academic Probation"?

When your GPA for the current term and your overall GPA drops below a 2.0

How do I remove an “Academic Probation” hold?

What's "Continued Probation"?

When academic probation status (cumulative GPA is below 2.0) continues into the next or following semester.

How do I remove a "Continued Probation" hold?

  • Meet with Kristen Nuesmeyer, our Academic Standards Counselor. You can make an appointment by calling 801-863-8075 or contact her via email at You will most likely need to complete the Academic Success Workshop again.
  • Submit a mid-term grade report from all classes in upcoming semester

What is "Suspension"?

Suspension is when your cumulative GPA is below a 2.0 for a third semester AND your semester GPA is below a 2.0. Suspension requires you to withdraw from the school for a semester.

How do I remove a "Suspension" hold?
All of your classes will be dropped and you will be required to sit out for a semester. After that semester you will be able to petition the Academic Standards Committee to return. You can pick up a petition by talking with the Academic Standards Director, Jan Klingman (801-863-7196). Deadlines for petitions are as follows: Summer: March 1; Fall: April 1; Spring: October 1

Grade Changes, Petitions, and Other Questions

What's the difference between an Unofficial Withdrawal (UW) grade and an E grade?

  • A "UW" is an unofficial withdrawal and is given when you stop attending class for any reason
  • It's the same as failing the class
  • An "E" grade is a failing grade

I have an Unofficial Withdrawal or (UW) in a class. How can I remove this?

  • Retake the class … OR …
  • For "extenuating circumstances" request a Petition for Exception to Academic Policy form from the Registrar. You will need documentation for your claim. Drop off the completed form at the Registrar’s Office – BA 106

If I have to repeat a class, does the first grade stay on my records?

  • YES !
  • However, the most recent grade is the grade used to determine your GPA (even if you got a lower grade most recently). Your old grade is excluded from your GPA.

If I take the same class at another school will it replace my grade at UVU?

No. You must retake the exact same class at UVU in order to have the grade replaced.

Can I take a similar class and have it replace a poor grade?

No. The University requires that you take the exact same course. If you got an E in Math 1050, you will need to retake Math 1050 to replace the grade. Math 1040 won’t work. Also you have to take the exact same course but you do NOT have to take it from the same teacher.

What happens if I get really sick or for some reason can no longer attend school after the withdraw date has passed?

If you have extenuating circumstances such as a serious illness or a death in the family, you can petition to withdraw from your classes. If your petition is granted your classes will show up as a W and will not affect your GPA. For more information and to request a form, see your advisor.