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Meditation is a powerful method to deal with stress. Click on the links below to listen to these free guided meditations.


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Divisions: Medical Services, Wellness Programs, Suicide Prevention Programs, Mental Health Services.We offer medical services, wellness services, suicide prevention, programming, learning disability testing and mental health services including counseling for stress, relationships and test anxiety.

Doctor/Nurse basic visit: $10

Mental Health Therapy: First visit free, subsequent visits $10

Financial Waivers are Available


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Our mission is to provide services to students and employees that will enhance personal wellness.We offer healthy lifestyle counseling, fitness testing, health screenings and wellness workshops.


CLSS 1100: Stress Management-Hardiness:

Presents strategies for students to develop effective attitudes and skills to deal with stressful circumstances. The five main areas of focus for the course are coping skills, communication/social support, relaxation, nutrition and exercise.