Student Success Classes

Student Success courses are a great way to enhance your college experience. The classes are designed to help you become a successful student. Visit with your advisor to get recommendations on which one would be the best fit for you!

SLSS 1000 - University Student Success (3 Credits)
Helps students develop a learning system for attaining maximum success in college, in work and in life. Presents effective techniques for dealing with time management, reading, writing, and critical thinking. Covers topics such as memory, note taking, test taking, and relationships. Develops an awareness of campus resources and assists students in exploring and establishing personal, academic, and career goals. Includes lectures, group interaction, exercises, and projects which apply learning to real life situations.

SLSS 1050 - Library Research (1 credit)
Presents in-depth library skills and research strategies. Teaches information-gathering strategies and processes. Emphasizes information access through traditional research tools and electronic resources. Covers compilation of annotated bibliographies. Students successfully completing this course should be well prepared for further intensive research and writing.

SLSS 1100 - Stress Management/Hardiness (3 credits)
Presents strategies to develop new attitudes for coping with stressful circumstances. Increases a broader perspective and deeper understanding of acute and chronic stress. Develops conflict resolution techniques through improved communication skills. Studies physiological signs of stress and strain. Emphasizes relaxation techniques to increase performance and reduce the effects of stressful situations. Presents how diet affects personal performance and stress reduction. Explores physical fitness and the effects a sound body can have on coping with stress.

SLSS 1190 - Power Reading Strategies (2 credits)
For independent learners with good reading skills who want to more efficiently and effectively understand and remember what they are reading in college texts. The class presents a wide variety of critical thinking and reading strategies. College requires a lot of reading and this class will help you develop skills to more effectively comprehend and retain information.

SLSS 1200 - The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People (3 credits)
Provides the foundation for personal leadership by teaching fundamental principles of character and life-changing paradigms. Examines the personal and organizational components of effectiveness. Focuses on high leverage changes such as time management, communication skills, win/win negotiation, and principle-centered life choices. Prepares students for life-long success. Includes highly interactive class discussions, application exercises, videos, and group work.

SLSS 2100 - Career and Major Exploration (3 credits)
For students seeking help in the selection of majors and careers. Assesses and clarifies interests, skills, values, and personal characteristics. Explores college majors, careers, and the world of work. Integrates knowledge of self with career options. Teaches decision making skills to help students make well informed career decisions and goals. Develops an action plan for graduation.

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