Academic Success Probation Workshop Methods

You have three delivery method options for the Academic Success Probation Workshop.

1. Online Workshop:

For the online workshop, follow the directions below:

To complete this workshop, you will need a printer, speakers, and something to write with. The workshop should take approximately one hour to complete. Please follow these steps to complete the workshop:

Step 1: Print the Academic Success Probation Workshop Booklet and resource list (word doc) or in pdf format.
Step 2: Watch the workshop. As you move through the workshop click pause, and fill out each corresponding question.
Step 3: If you are on probation, please set an appointment to meet with your major advisor.
Step 4: If you are on continued probation, you need to meet with an Academic Standards Counselor in LC 402.

2. Academic Success Workbook:

You can buy a workbook or CD ROM version of the workshop in the LC 402 lobby for $5.

After completing the workshop you will need to meet with your advisor to remove the hold.

3. On Campus Workshop:

Please contact 801-863-5325 to make an appointment. The cost is $5. When you call, you must request the "Academic Success Workshop". The session will last 50 minutes. Upon completion of the workshop and contract, you will meet with your academic advisor to remove your registration hold. For appointment details click here.