why tutoring
You're a good student

Get Better Grades

75% of Physics students who studied
in the Academic Tutoring lab earned
an A or B.

Those who used tutoring services
were 50% less likely to end up

On average, students who attended
course reviews for BIOL 1010 scored
25% higher than those who didn't.

Study in the Lab

Study in a place where you're
surrounded by students working
as hard as you are. There you will
find the resources you need to
succeed as well as classmates and
professors to keep you going. The
relaxed yet focused environment is
a better place to work than alone in
your bedroom.

Don't Go It Alone

Just like smart climbers always use 
the buddy system, we too understand 
the importance of extra support. Don't
suffer through your class work. If you
are struggling with a homework 
question, or you can't quite grasp a
specific concept, come try out our 
tutors. We are here to be your guide.
Drop-in tutoring, small group tutoring,
course reviews, and one-on-one tutoring 
are some options that are designed to 
help you get the help you need.

Become the student who succeeds.