Meeting with Your Academic / Career Counselor

One of the most important activities besides attending classes is making sure you see your major advisor each term.
This goes for first semester freshman as well as graduating seniors. Find your major advisor now.

The staff in the Academic Counseling Center (ACC) are dedicated to student success. In order to do our jobs, we need YOU to meet with US on a scheduled and routine basis.  

Meeting with your ACC counselor on a scheduled basis can save you TIME and MONEY. You can also expect your advisor/counselor to help:


  • Guide you towards discovering, planning and achieving personal, academic, and professional success
  • Teach you to become academically and professionally engaged as a self-directed learner, and competent decision-maker
  • Assist you in gaining an appreciation for student diversity, interests, challenges and abilities.

Suggested Advisor & Student Planning Schedule

  1. Two to four months BEFORE each semester, meet with advisor for clearance to register for classes
  2. One to two months BEFORE each semester, meet with advisor to discuss academic/career plans
  3. Two to three months INTO each semester, meet with advisor to plan next semester
  4. Approximately three months INTO semester, register for next semester classes
  5. AFTER each semester, meet to refine goals, plans, and develop schedule for future terms

Advisor/Counselor Responsibilities – What You Can Expect

  • Effectively communicating curriculum, graduation and university
  • Encouraging and guiding you during your program of study
  • Identifying available student resources and services
  • Assisting you in the process of career/major decision-making
  • Frequent accessibility for face-to-face meetings during office hours
  • Maintaining 100% confidentiality

Student Responsibilities – What You Are Expected To Do

  • Regularly checking your myUVU account for email from your advisor and others
  • Schedule regular appointments during each semester of the academic year
  • Come prepared for appointments with questions or material for discussion
  • Complete all assignments or recommendations as agreed between student and advisor/counselor.
  • Provide accurate information regarding your interests and abilities (self-discovery)
  • Know college programs, policies, and procedures as you solidify career goals
  • Accept responsibility for your academic decisions