Degree Audits

Degree Audits - My Requirements

The Degree Evaluation (Audit) lists requirements for a specific degree and contains courses a student has earned from UVU plus accepted courses transferred from other institutions.

"View Previous Evaluations", "Generate New Evaluation" and "What if Analysis" are the three options that may be selected when running a Degree Evaluation.  The "View Previous Evaluations" selection provides a record of all evaluations run for and by the student.  When "Generate New Evaluation" is selected the result is an evaluation for the declared degree of the student.  The "What If Analysis" is a very powerful tool and provides an evaluation for any degree offered at Utah Valley State.

The Degree Audit is comprised of several sections depending on the type of degree.
  • Overall Summary
  • Minors
  • Upper Division
  • Matriculation
  • General Education
  • Major
  • Core
  • Electives

What you are looking for is Met and Not Met (which is in red!!!) to determine a Student's progress.  Be cautious in the "Overall Summary" section to verify the hours completed towards the degree.  The system counts all elective credits earned and so can inflate the hours completed if the student exceeds the required elective credit hours.

There are three display options that can be selected after the Degree Evaluation has been run.  "General Requirements" provides a printer friendly version, "Detail Requirements" provides the most in-depth information and "Additional Information" lists all the courses that do not apply to the degree.

The Degree Evaluation may be used by students admitted to UVSC.  To access the Degree Evaluation, the student will need to know their UV ID and password to Log in to UVLINK (if you do not know your password, type in your birthdate: ddmmyy).

How to Obtain a Degree Evaluation on the Internet

(Read or Print all Instructions prior to linking to UVLINK)
  1. From the Utah Valley University home page ( select UVLINK
  2. The UVLINK Login page requires you to type in your UV ID and Password.  If you do not know your UV ID, there is an option for you to get it.
  3. Once you have logged into UVLINK, you will be in the "Home" tab, where you can view school announcements, check your UVLINK mail and look up other information.
  4. In UVLINK select the "Student" tab and this tab is where you can do many of the functions required by a Student.
  5. In the UVLINK "Student tab" select the "Student Records" link in the center column.
  6. Now select the "Degree Evaluation" link and just follow the directions on the screen to initiate your degree evaluation.
  7. When finished, do not forget to Logout.