Career Assessments

Keys to Discovering the Real You !

The most commonly used assessments to help in career counseling are:

The Strong Interest Inventory (SII)

This is a very popular interest assessment identifying where an individual's interests lie in six general occupational theme areas:
  • Realistic = "doer" and you like to work with things, and create tangible products
  • Investigative =  "thinker" and you like to work with ideas and research
  • Artistic = the "creators" and you like self-expression, and unstructured lifestyle, and working with ideas, people and things
  • Social = "helpers" and you love to serve others
  • Enterprising = "persuaders" and you like to sell and inspire others
  • Conventional = the "organizers" who love process and efficiency, and prefer a more structured lifestyle

This inventory compares a person's interests to individuals who are employed in different occupations (on a scale of dissimilar to similar). Personal Style Scales are discussed in relation to work style, leadership style, risk taking, learning environment preference and team orientation.

Cost:  $10. You will need to contact an ACC counselor or Career Development Center counselor to see if you qualify for a complementary assessment. Non-students $15.00.  This inventory takes approximately 30 minutes.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

This is another very popular and reliable assessment identifying personality type and how it relates to careers.  You will explore your preferred work tasks and working environments. It will also give you a description of your strengths and challenges in relation to occupations and interpersonal relationships. Best of all, it will list the top 24 most popular occupations for your specific personality type.

Cost:  $10. You will need to see an ACC or Career Development Center counselor to see if you qualify for a complementary assessment. Non-students $15.00.  This assessment takes approximately 30 minutes.

Directions for Taking the SII & MBTI Career Assessments

  • To take either of these assessments you'll need to make an appointment with the Academic Counseling Center (ACC) LC - 402 at 801 863-8425. Students see advisors based on their last name in the Academic Counseling Center.   You can also contact the Career Development Center (CDC) LC - 409 at 801 863-6364 to set up an appointment.  Be prepared to pay for your assessments by cash or personal check if necessary. Plan on spending at least one and one-half hour for your counseling session.

Additional Career Exploration and Assessment Resources

Each of these assessments can be helpful for general information, but we recommend individuals come in to visit with an advisor for further career counseling.