Community Services

Career Counseling

The Academic Counseling Center offers career services to UVU students as well as to individuals and agencies from the community. These services include:
  • Career assessments
  • Career counseling
  • Career exploration
  • Use of the career library
  • Use of the computer program, Utahfutures

The full process involves:
  • An intake interview where background information is gathered.
  • Administration of appropriate assessments
  • A personal, career counseling session, where assessment results are interpreted and reviewed
  • A brainstorming session on this person's specific circumstances, needs, and preferences

This usually takes between 2 and 3 hours. Individuals are welcome to call 801 863-8425 to inquire about these services. Our office hours. We have professional counselors, at a Masters degree level, who are available to assist at times that are convenient for the individual. Information about our office staff. There is a charge for the testing services, as listed below.

The most commonly used tests to help in career counseling are:
  • STRONG INTEREST INVENTORY - This is a very popular interest test that shows where an individual's interests lie in the six General Occupational Theme areas (Social, Enterprising, Realistic, Conventional, Investigative, and Artistic.) It compares an individual's interests to those who are employed in different occupations (on a scale of dissimilar to similar). It also gives Personal Style Scales in regards to work style, leadership style, approach to risk taking and learning enviromnent preference. Cost: $15.00 for non-students. The test takes approximately 1 hour.


  • MYERS BRIGGS TYPE INDICATOR (MBTI) - This is another very popular test that measures personality type and how it relates to careers. It will list 50 most popular occupations and also 25 least popular occupations for that specific personality type. It will also give a description of strengths and weaknesses as they relate to occupations and interpersonal relationships. Cost:  $15.00 for non-students. The test takes approximately 1 hour.