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Academic Standing
Accuplacer Testing
Becoming a Student
Degree Evaluation
Degree Types
Dropping a Class
General Education
General Electives
Major Changes
Repeating Classes
Unofficial Withdrawal

Where is the Academic Standards Office?

In the Academic Counseling Center – WB 147

What are Academic Standards?

A university policy set-up to track student performance from semester to semester using the grades you earn.

What are the levels of "Academic Standing"?

Your academic performance resulting from your grade point average (GPA). Your performance is measured these ways:

  1. Good Standing = GPA of 2.0 or higher
  2. Warning = GPA for most recent term is below 2.0
  3. Probation = GPA for both your overall and current semesters are below 2.0
  4. Continued Probation = Your overall and current semester GPA for two continuous semesters is below 2.0
  5. Suspension = A student on continued probation who receives a subsequent semester GPA below 2.0
  6. Dismissal = A student who fails to comply with the requirements of their academic suspension

What's "Academic Warning"?

When your GPA for the current term drops below a 2.0

How do I remove an "Academic Warning" hold ?

What's "Academic Probation"?

When your GPA for the current term and your overall GPA drops below a 2.0

How do I remove an "Academic Probation" hold?

  1. See your major academic advisor
  2. Attend an Academic Success Workshop or complete the Academic Success Workbook
  3. Your major academic advisor will remove the hold

What's "Continued Probation" ?

When academic probation status continues into the next or following semester.

How do I remove a "Continued Probation" hold?

See Amy Baird, our Academic Support Counselor, in the ACC. Requires mid-term grade reports from instructors in all classes.

I'm having continued academic challenges, who should I talk with?

Jan Klingman
Director, Academic Standards

Kristen Nuesmeyer
Academic Standards Counselor

Jan and Kristen are located in the ACC

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Do I have to take the ACCUPLACER test?

Unless you have qualifying ACT or SAT scores OR college credit for English and math

NOTE: if under age 21, you’re required to take the ACT

What does the ACCUPLACER test measure?

Your ability to perform at the college level for reading, writing and math. You can take this test at the Wolverine Service Center located at 800 North and College Drive.

Do I need to take the English and Math class indicated by the ACCUPLACER test results?

If the class is 1000 level or higher you will get college credit, so...give the test your best effort

I took a placement test at another school. Do I still need to take the ACCUPLACER?


  • If you’ve taken this test before, contact the institution and have them FAX your scores to the UVU Testing Center
  • Math scores must be no older than 2 years
  • English scores must be no older than 3 years

How do I become a UVU Student?

  • Apply for Admissions
  • If under age 21, provide ACT / SAT scores
  • If over age 21, take UVU’s “ACCUPLACER” Test for English and Math
  • Complete UVU’s online orientation program
I’ve attended UVU before. How do I get started again?

Reapply for admission online, if it’s been over one year (two semesters) since you last attended. See your major academic advisor for any questions.

Can I drop classes after the scheduled deadline?

Generally NO!
  1. Requires "extenuating circumstances," plus substantial documentation supporting your claim
  2. Requires a Withdrawal Exception form obtained from your major advisor
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What’s the difference between an A.A.S., A.A., or A.S. degree

A.A.S. = Associate of Applied Science. This degree is a “work ready degree” in specific majors requiring major courses, plus 16 general education classes.

A.S. = Associate of Science. This degree covers the first two years of most bachelors programs and requires major courses, including 35 general education classes.

A.A. = Associate of Arts. This degree covers the first two years of most bachelors programs requiring major courses, plus a language and 35 general education classes.

What's a degree evaluation?

A degree evaluation outlines all classes you've taken and the remaining classes you need to graduate. Students can access this program in Wolverine Tracks.

What are General Education classes?

  • Required classes for all associate and bachelor degrees
  • Includes 35 credits in subjects like: Math, English, Health, American Civilization and Ethics / Values, etc.
  • See your major academic advisor for details

What are General Electives?

Classes of interest you select in addition to General Education classes. Electives help fulfill the total requirements for all associate and bachelor degrees. See your major academic advisor for details.

How do I change my major?

The ACC only changes majors to University Studies or Pre-professional. For all other major changes, see your major advisor.

I’m working on my associates degree. Do I need to select a major?

The sooner, the better!
If your goal is a bachelors degree, you will save time and money with an associate degree pre-major. See your major advisor for details

How can I get help choosing a major?

  • Enroll in CLSS 2100-Career and Major Exploration
  • Take the MBTI or Strong Interest career assessments
  • See a counselor or advisor in this office
  • Visit with a major academic advisor
  • Talk with your instructors

How do I change or declare my major?

See your major advisor. We only change majors to University Studies and Pre-professional

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Why do I have a "Registration Hold?"

There could be any number of reasons:

Why can't I register for classes online?

  • You have a "registration hold"
  • Usually due to current academic standards violation (for example, your GPA is below 2.0) or other administrative issues
  • Your major advisor can remove this hold

How do I remove a registration hold?

Unless you are a University Studies or Pre-professional student, we strongly suggest you see your major department advisor to remove registration holds

How do I find out about important class schedules and timetables?

Each semester you can check critical dates by logging on to:

When do I need to start taking required English and Math classes?

We advise you to start taking math and English early in your academic program. Math challenges most students, so starting your first semester is a very smart choice.

Can I get into a class that’s full?


  • Obtain an ADD/DROP card from One Stop
  • Complete the ADD/DROP card
  • Go to the class and see if there is space
  • Give the card to the instructor
  • With instructor approval and department approval you can add the class

I’ve already registered for classes. What’s next?

UV Link will not let me register for classes?

  • You might need a prerequisite class(es)
  • You have a "registration hold"
  • Your ACCUPLACER, ACT or SAT scores are too low
  • See your major academic advisor for assistance

If I have to repeat a class, does the first grade stay on my records?

However, the most recent grade for a repeat class is the grade used to determine your GPA.

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How do I get credit for classes I took at another college?

  1. Request an official transcript be sent to UVU from each school attended
  2. Once transcripts are received by UVU, expect to wait 2 to 4 weeks before your transfer credits are posted in Banner
  3. Electronic transcripts are available for USHE schools

How do I transfer UVU credits to another college or university?

  1. Go to One Stop and complete a request for transcripts
  2. Pay the $5.00 fee
  3. Make sure you have the complete address for the institution or school
  4. Send electronic version within USHE system

How do I know what UVU classes will transfer to another college or university?

Check with the transfer institution or school within the State of Utah. For out-of-state institutions, check with the college of your choice.

Is WebStart really necessary?

It’s a valuable pre-advisement for new and transfer students and...
It’s required before you can register for classes

What’s so important about WebStart?

  • It’s an excellent online pre-advisement program
  • You’ll learn how to register online
  • You’ll learn about college life, time management, credit hours, grading policy and more...

Unofficial Withdrawal (UW) vs E grade. What's the difference?

A "UW" is an unofficial withdrawal. It's given when you stop attending class for any reason. A "UW" is the same as failing the class. An "E" grade is a failing grade.

I have an Unofficial Withdrawal or (UW) in a class. How can I remove this?

Retake the class...OR...For "extenuating circumstances" request a Petition for Exception to Academic Policy form from the Registrar. You will need documentation for your claim. Drop off the completed form at the Registrar’s Office – BA 112.

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