Classroom to Career

Beta Alpha Psi Spring Conference in Denver

Information Session

Presenter: Nathan Merrill

Club President

Date: Mar 15, 2017

Time: 4pm-5pm

Location: LC 409


Nathan Merrill, President of Beta Alpha Psi, will be discussing what the club needs to do in preparation for the annual spring Regional Conference.  This year the conference is being held in Denver, CO.  Please come prepared to participate and assist the club in making preparations.

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Paula Eldredge, Institute of Internal Audit

Speaker Presentation

Presenter: Paula Eldredge, Vice President of Internal Audit, Goldman Sachs

Company: Internal Audit Institute

Date: Mar 15, 2017

Time: 5pm-6pm

Location: LC 409


Paula Eldredge and members of the Institute of Internal Auditors Salt Lake City Chapter Academic Relations Committee will present a panel of experts from which students can learn how to integrate internal auditing into their future careers.

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Career Choices

Accounting is more than a job – it is a career. Accountants have the opportunity to work in just about any field of business. Salaries vary depending upon qualifications created by levels of education, certification, and specializations. Accounting provides opportunities for career advancement throughout your life. Overall, accounts are paid well. This is an area of business with an increasing demand for new professionals. You are the right person. This is the right time. Utah Valley University is the right place. Contact the Department of Accounting to begin planning your career in accounting.

Fraud Examination: Forensic accounting and fraud prevention, detection, and resolution. Internal Audit: Theories of governance, risk, and control concepts; internal auditing standards; and audit techniques. Managerial Accounting: Methods and tools used to generate information for decision making by managers within an organization.
Taxation: Federal and state taxation of corporations, S-corporations, partnerships, estates, and trusts. Practical application of income tax laws and regulations. Public Accounting: Concepts and methods underlying preparation of financial statements utilizing generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) Government Accounting: Tax research as it applies to federal income taxation laws, rules and regulations. Applies ethical considerations and standards to tax practice.