Section I: Request


Utah Valley University is requesting approval to establish a Center for Global & Intercultural Engagement (CGIE). The Center will be responsible for leadership and support in the areas of international and multicultural studies and student services along with related co-curricular and extracurricular programming. It will develop a wide array of high-impact instructional and scholarly activities, and serve as a resource for students, faculty, and the community who wish to gain a greater understanding of, and appreciation for, global engagement, cultural diversity, and the issues related thereto. The CGIE will combine the activities of the International Center and Multicultural Center into a more cohesive and collaborative effort between Student Affairs and Academic Affairs.


The Center’s initial activities will include:

  • Provide administrative support for international and multicultural programs (e.g. study abroad, Fulbright programs, international internships, cultural excursions, student exchange programs).
  • Provide support for international travel including safety and security processes.
  • Organize annual Global Spotlight and Global Engagement Week activities.
  • Provide institutional support and leadership for international and multicultural education programs including the Global/Intercultural Graduation Requirement.
  • Provide support for international students (e.g. visa processing, advisement, and recruitment).
  • Provide support for the multicultural student population (e.g. advisement, recruitment, and financial aid and scholarship information).
  • Advisement and administrative support for ethnic and international student clubs.
  • Provide support for visiting diplomats and other international delegations (e.g. the UVU Ambassador Program).
  • Participation in the campus-wide Strategic Chinese Initiative.
  • Serve as an institutional resource for trends and best practices in connection to intercultural and international education, inclusion initiatives, and issues related to underrepresented populations.

Section II: Need

Utah Valley University has placed inclusion and global engagement among its institutional core themes and values. The Center for Global & Intercultural Engagement will provide critical support and resources necessary to advance these values across the university. By combining existing divisional programs into an institution-wide center, UVU will be able to provide more efficient, effective, and collaborative support for international and multicultural education and student activities. The CGIE will thus be able to better provide our students with higher impact programs and better prepare them for their post-graduate pursuits in our increasingly diverse and globally interdependent world. The center will also be able to serve the community through outreach and partnership efforts and provide our students meaningful experiences in connection with their classroom learning.

Section III: Institutional Impact

The Center for Global & Intercultural Engagement will by co-directed by the Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs-Engaged Learning and the Associate Vice President for Student Support Services. There will be no negative effect on enrollments. The innovative design of the center will be a draw for students who seek an engaged educational experience as it relates to diversity and cross-cultural education. The Center will be a resource for students, faculty, and members of our community by providing high quality academic and applied experiences for those from a variety of cultures and backgrounds.

The co-directors will convene a campus-wide Global & Intercultural Council to consult and advise regarding the vision, direction, and collaborative activities of the center. Individual program directors (e.g. international study programs, multicultural student services, etc.) will work in close concert to advance the center’s vision and mission as it relates to student learning, faculty scholarship, and public engagement.

Section IV: Finances


The CGIE will be funded with the combined resources of the existing International Center and Multicultural Center. Thus, no institutional funds will be required to establish the reorganized unit. Fundraising strategies are underway in coordination with the Development office.