Finance & Administration

Val Peterson

Val Peterson

Vice President of Finance & Administration

Welcome to Utah Valley University's Division of Finance and Administration.



 Divisions & Departments

Finance & Administration encompasses the following divisions and departments:

Facilities | Finance | Information Technology | Athletics | University Compliance | Internal Audit | Emergency Preparedness / Risk Management


Organizational Charts

Frank Young
Associate Vice President - Facilities Planning

Michael Francis
Associate Vice President - Finance

Ray Walker
Associate Vice President / CIO - Information Technology

  • Strategic Plan

Vincent Otoupal
Associate Vice President - Athletic Director

Nancy Bartlett
Officer - University Compliance

  • Strategic Plan

Jacob Atkin
Director - Internal Audit

  • Strategic Plan

Robin Ebmeyer
Director - Emergency Preparedness / Risk Management


Mission Statement:

Finance and Administration divisions and departments provide customer-focused, responsive and effective administrative services for students, faculty, staff and visitors to advance Utah Valley University's mission.



Utah Valley University's Master Plan

Master Plan