About ATD

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UVU initiated a campus-wide advisor training program in Fall 2001. Since that time, the program has evolved into a comprehensive training system utilizing traditional and non-traditional training methods. 
The Advisor Training and Development (ATD) team consists of a Director, a Trainer, a Technology Coordinator, and an Administrative Assistant. These individuals develop content for and conduct most training sessions. Outside experts and experienced advisors are also invited to conduct specific training sessions. 

Mission Statement

The Mission of Advisor Training & Development is to contribute to the professional, personal, and educational development of academic advisors, advising administrators, and students by providing outstanding training and development experiences, consulting services, and support resources. This is accomplished through a commitment to serving, making a difference, transparent collaboration, and individual, group, and organizational leading. 

Who We Are

             Wade                                                  Clint                                               Shalece                                           sarah

                Wade Oliver                                                                       Clint Moser                                                                         Shalece Nuttall                                                                Sarah Grelle                       Director of Advisor Training & Development                   Advisement Technology Coordinator                                        Advisement Trainer                                                      Administrative Assistant 
                Biography                                                                               Biography                                                                               Biography                                                                          Biography
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