Continued Certification

Advisor Education Units (AEUs)

AEUs will be accrued at one AEU per hour of time expended. AEU credits will be awarded for training and/or service participation. Applicability of participation will be determined by each individual advisor’s direct supervisor, and must fall into the following categories adopted from the NACADA Standards:

Foundation Knowledge

  • Advising Philosophy
  • Theory, Framework
  • NACADA Core Values
  • Knowledge of Higher Education

Institutional Application

  • Information
  • Referral
  • Graduation
  • Technology

Knowledge of Student Characteristics

  • General Knowledge
  • Specific Knowledge

Career Understanding

  • Major
  • Occupational

Communication and Interpersonal

  • Communication
  • Helping and Problem Solving


Advisors are expected to choose training opportunities from several or all of the categories from the NACADA standards each year thus gaining a broad experience. Category selection requires supervisor approval.


Service pertaining to advising at UVU may count toward AEU credit with supervisor approval. Examples of applicable service activities would be:

  • presentation at a professional advising-related conference
  • publication in an advising-related journal
  • advising related committee or sub-committee participation, mentoring new advisors
  • participation in the feedback loop process as an observer
  • facilitation of an advising-related training
  • etc...

AEU Approval and Tracking

Upon completion of an applicable AEU event, advisors are required to complete a AEU Request through the Advisor Certification System (ACS). The request form will include information regarding the specific event, a report on applicable learning and any applicable action plan. Application for service credit will also require similar information and statements regarding the resulting effects of the service time rendered.

AEUs will be approved by the submitting advisor’s supervisor and processed within the ACS. Advisors can monitor their progress anytime by logging into the System. ATD will maintain the System. If you have any problems with ACS please contact Clint Moser.


UVU Personnel


Periodically, it is possible that policy, procedure, technology or methodology will change. Therefore, ongoing testing provides the opportunity for Academic Advisors to demonstrate a current knowledge, skill and ability to use current information, processes, procedures and technology used on the UVU campus.

All active academic advisors (after their first year) are required to participate in both of the certification assessments (written and technical performance) every three years*.

The assessment cut scores are raised to reflect advanced experience. Advisors failing to pass the assessments are provided with additional training opportunities, and encouraged to establish an action plan with their supervisor to address areas of concern.

Written Assessment

For the written assessment, advisors are required to receive a minimum passing score of 85% (51 out of 60). Advisors may take the test up to three times within the year to receive the minimum passing score.

Technical Performance Assessment

For the technical performance assessment, advisors are required to receive a minimum passing score of 80%. Advisors may take the test up to three times within the year to receive the minimum passing score.

*NOTE: If the Advisement Council determines that the assessments must be updated with a significant number of new items according to updated policy and procedure information, advisors may be required to complete the exams more often than every three years.

Feedback Action Plan Loop

Each year, all active academic advisors (after their first year) continue to participate in the Feedback Action Plan process.

The Observation

Advisors have the opportunity to be observed at least once annually by their supervisor* or another certified advisor as they interact with students. The observer will provide written feedback regarding the advisor’s personal interaction and information delivery skills.

Based upon the feedback received, advisors prepare an Action Plan with their supervisor that addresses items included on the Observation Feedback Form (see Appendix I) provided by the observer. This Action Plan will become part of their Annual Performance Plan.

*NOTE: Supervisors are strongly encouraged to act as observers in this process regularly, or at least every three years.