The certification program structure is based on advising literature which suggests the typical learning curve of academic and career advisors and counselors is approximately 2 years (Folsom, Joslin, & Yoder, 2005) and involves development in five training areas: conceptual, informational, relational, technological, and personal (Habley, 1995; Higginson, 2000; McClellan, 2007). It also builds on the proposed NACADA certification standards or competencies (NACADA Certification Task Force, 2003). Consistent with this literature, the structure consists of four stages of academic advisors development, each of which has a different focus and requirements: initial training, first year training, second year training, on-going certification.


Assessment Scheduling

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If you encounter problems scheduling your assessment, please contact Andrea Calaway andreac@uvu.edu or extension 6556.

Reporting AEU's

AEU Approval and Tracking

Upon completion of an applicable AEU event, advisors are required to complete a AEU Request Form in the Advisor Certification System. The request form will include information regarding the specific event, a report on applicable learning and any applicable action plan. Application for service credit will also require similar information and statements regarding the resulting effects of the service time rendered.

AEUs will be approved by the submitting advisor’s supervisor within the ACS system. Once the advisor submits the request the system will email the advisor's supervisor letting them know that they have a request to approve; the supervisor will then take action to review and approve the request if appropriate.