New Advisor Training

The focus of this stage of training is to create a foundation of knowledge and skills that allows academic and career advisors and counselors to begin working with students. This New Advisor Training consists of multiple weeks of training where new advisors and counselors spend 40 hours in training sessions with an advisor trainer and additional time in the afternoon shadowing, observing, and applying what they have learned in their departments.

The training includes:

  • a conceptual overview of advising in general and at UVU
  • training in the use of Banner and other technological resources
  • information regarding basic policies, procedures, and resources, and
  • development of relational advising skills

Throughout the process, the personal aspect will also be addressed through discussion of what it means to be an advisor and why it is valuable to be an advisor. In addition, the personal values that contribute to successful advising of students will be explored and discussed. The training typically begins on the first day of employment. If you have any questions about the New Advisor Training or need to sign up to attend, please Contact Us.

UVU Personnel


Day 1 Introduction: Academic Advising at UVU
Day 1 includes an introduction to academic advising and its role in the context of UVU and higher education.

Day 2: Banner Online Services
Day 2 examines FERPA (Family Education Rights and Privacy Act) guidelines and consists of an introduction to myUVU and Banner Online Services.

Day 3: Clearing Student Process using Banner Online Services
Day 3 incorporates an in-depth training on Banner Online Services with the clearing student process.

Day 4: Wolverine Track
Day 4 provides an in-depth training on Wolverine Track.

Day 5: Campus Resources
Day 5 examines campus resources available to students and includes a walking tour of campus.

Day 6: Advising Forms
Day 6 continues the clearing student process and practice with Banner Online Services as advisors learn how to examine test scores and fill out advising forms available in myUVU. Advisors will also examine that process from each of the following perspectives: new student, continuing student, transfer student, and international student.

Day 7: Conflict Resolution and Academic Standards at UVU
Day 7 of Level 1 Advisor Training discusses conflict and conflict resolution and also provides training on Academic Standards.

Day 8: Record Keeping and Graduation Requirements
Day 8 of Level 1 Advisor Training introduces new advisors to various methods of record-keeping and also provides an in depth training from the graduation/transfer/veterans office.

Day 9: Using Career Advising to Assist Students
Day 9 of Level 1 Advisor Training provides new advisors with Career Advising information and resources.

Day 10: Sharpening your skills
Day 10 of Level 1 Advisor Training concludes the 10 day New Advisor Training with a panel of experienced UVU advisors. Day 10 also provides a detailed outline of certification requirements and looks into further training and professional development opportunities.