Certification Overview


The Utah Valley University (UVU) Advisor Certification program is designed to support the success of students as they interact with advisors who are professionally trained, and engaged in continuous professional improvement.

The program provides thorough training and evidence of basic academic advising competence. This is done by providing training opportunities for advisors, and measuring competence through exams that certify an individual’s knowledge of academic advisement concepts and advisement practices at UVU. In addition, there is an observation feedback/action plan loop to provide peer support and recommendations.

Those seeking certification will be required to demonstrate an understanding of:

  • Technical Competency (including features and functions of available tools used in Academic Advisement functions performed within the University – i.e. Banner, Wolverine Track, etc)
  • Academic Advising Best Practices (including resources, theory, Personalized, Seamless, Intentional (PSI) philosophy, etc)
  • Effective Student Interaction (ability to interact with, serve and meet student needs)

Advisors have the opportunity to participate in training and development designed to enhance their professional skills, and broaden their discipline specific understanding and knowledge.


UVU Personnel

Initial Certification

Initial Certification is required for all new advisors (within their first year). New advisors must:

  • complete New Advisor Training
  • pass a Multiple Choice Exam
  • pass a Technical Performance Exam
  • participate in a Feedback Action Plan Loop

More information about Initial Certification

Continued Certification

Once Initial Certification is achieved, UVU requires that advisors (after their first year) maintain their certification status. Maintenance requirements are:

  • completion of 20 AEUs (Advisor Education Units) per year (1 hour = 1 AEUs)
  • completion of one Feedback Action Plan observation loop per year
  • written and performance testing every three years

More information about Continued Certification