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poster Blood Wedding
Theatre Production
Director: Lisa Hagen-Hall
Two families in a semi-mythical rural Spain are intricately bound in an unbreakable cycle of murder and revenge. The death-bound love triangle at the center of the play fuels these passions to a fever pitch and propels the story to its unstoppable tragic conclusion. Sept 25 | 7:30p
Sept 26 | 7:30p
Sept 27 | 7:30p
Sept 29 | 7:30p
Sept 30 | 7:30p
Oct 1 | 7:30p
Oct 2 | 7:30p
Oct 3 | 7:30p
Oct 4 | 7:30p
Oct 6 | 7:30p
Oct 7 | 7:30p
Oct 8 | 7:30p
Oct 9 | 7:30p
Oct 10 | 7:30p
Oct 11 (matinee) | 2:00p
Oct 11 | 7:30p
Noorda Theatre
poster Romeo & Juliet
Utah Regional Ballet
Artistic Director: Jacqueline Colledge
Choreographer: Jacqueline Colledge
A tragedy of two young star-crossed lovers whose deaths ultimately reconcile their feuding families, this beautiful classical ballet is performed to the music of Sergei Prokofiev. Sept 25 | 7:30p
Sept 26 | 7:30p
Sept 27 (Matinee) | 2:00p
Covey Center for the Arts
poster Fall Choral Showcase
Chamber Choir, Men's Choir, Women's Choir & Concert Choir
Conductor: Reed Criddle & Cherilyn Worthen
Experience the annual Fall Choral Showcase, presenting our Choirs singing music to inspire, uplift, and enliven the soul. You will thrill to the blend of musical sophistication, spirited presentation, and ensemble virtuosity. Oct 9 | 7:30p
St. Francis of Assisi Cathedral
poster String Sensation
Faculty String Recital
Faculty Artists: Cheung Chau & Donna Fairbanks
Delight to the flawless virtuosity and irresistible enthusiasm of UVU's renowned string faculty as they create a dialogue between the old masters and living composers. Oct 13 | 7:30p
Free Admission
Science Building Auditorium
poster Dreams & Nightmares
Wind Symphony
Conductor: David Fullmer
Drift off to sleep ' if you dare! This musical dreamscape will have you checking under the bed and in the closet for monsters ' both friendly and demonic. Experience that delicious shiver running up and down your spine. Oct 20 (matinee) | 12:30a
Oct 20 | 7:30p
Ragan Theater
poster Alive
Classical Guitar Recital
Faculty Artists: Jon Yerby & Donna Fairbanks
A cool, sensual, and articulate mix of music that is simultaneously lyrical and progressive. Enjoy the richness of chamber music with the intimacy of a solo performance. Oct 22 | 7:30p
Sorensen Center Centre Stage
poster Music Virtuosity in Utah Valley
Symphony Orchestra & Utah Valley Youth Symphony
Conductor: Cheung Chau
Our Symphony once again exceeds expectations when they share the stage with Utah Valley's most talented young musicians. The oldest youth symphony in the valley, The Utah Valley Youth Symphony, seamlessly melds with the UVU Symphony in an evening of spectacular, stunning music. Nov 1 | 7:30p
Sorensen Center Grande Ballroom
poster The Romeo and Juliet Project
Director: D. Terry Petrie
Shakespeare's most famous tragedy is dissected and played from two vantage points: his and hers. Using a distinctive mix of film and live action, a classic story is given new perspective, new vision, and new life. Nov 6 | 7:30p
Nov 7 | 7:30p
Nov 8 | 7:30p
Nov 10 | 7:30p
Nov 13| 7:30p
Nov 14 | 7:30p
Nov 15 | 7:30p
Nov 17 | 7:30p
Nov 20 | 7:30p
Nov 21 | 7:30p
Nov 22 (matinee) | 2:00p
Nov 22| 7:30p
Noorda Theatre
poster When Voices Combine
Men's Choir & Women's Choir
Conductors: Reed Criddle & Cherilyn Worthen
Our Choirs combine to create gorgeous and elegant harmonies from the Renaissance to the modern era. You will appreciate their innovative approach and fine musicianship. Nov 7 | 7:30p
Ragan Theater
poster Bocon
Noorda Theatre Center for Children and Youth
Director: Isaac Walters
When an immigration officer confronts a young boy from south of the border, the boy tells the story of his journey using the myths and tales from Latin American folklore. Nov 10 | 1:00p
Nov 14 | 1:00p
Noorda Theatre
poster The Percussion Time Machine
Percussion UVU
Director: Doug Smith
Travel back in time to the medieval era, take a journey back to the future on the Percussion Time Machine as Percussion UVU explores music from Gregorian Chants, to Mozart, music of the 20th century to 'infinity and beyond.' Nov 10 | 7:30p
Sorensen Center Grande Ballroom
poster Path of Miracles
Chamber Choir
Conductor: Reed Criddle
British composer, Joby Talbot, takes us on a breathtakingly gorgeous, musical journey through northern Spain, tracing a mystical pilgrimage, El Camino de Santiago, to the remains of the apostle James. Nov 11 | 7:30p
NuSkin Atrium
poster Saluting our Veterans
Chamber Orchestra
Conductor: Cheung Chau
Music faculty members come together with the Chamber Orchestra to commemorate Veteran's Day with music inspired by war ' Vaughan Williams' On Wenlock Edge and Shostakovich's Chamber Symphony, dedicated 'to the victims of war.' Nov 14 | 7:30p
Ragan Theatre
poster Pointe 2 Pointe
Repertory Ballet Ensemble
Artistic Directors: Mark Borchelt & Nichole Ortega
The RBE is proud to feature our gifted student artists in an exciting blend of classical and contemporary choreography to excite the seasoned as well as the neophyte ballet enthusiast. Nov 20 | 7:30p
Nov 21 | 7:30p
Nov 22 | 7:30p
Ragan Theater
poster Ice Breaker Jazz Festival Gala Concert
Jazz Ensembles
Director: David Fullmer
Revel in the grand finale of our annual UVU Jazz Festival featuring the energy and creativity of the host band and our Faculty Jazz Combo. Miles Davis said, 'don't play what's there, play what's not there.' Come and discover for yourself what he meant. Nov 24 | 7:30p
Ragan Theater