Theater Events

Department Title w/ Director Info Description Date Location
poster The Romeo and Juliet Project
Director: D. Terry Petrie
Shakespeare's most famous tragedy is dissected and played from two vantage points: his and hers. Using a distinctive mix of film and live action, a classic story is given new perspective, new vision, and new life. Nov 21 | 7:30p
Nov 22 (matinee) | 2:00p
Nov 22| 7:30p
Noorda Theatre
poster Holiday Night Live 2014
Theatre Production
Faculty Advisor: David Tinney

Written and directed by UVU students, this show employs original songs, sketches, and digital shorts to poke fun at the holidays and give unexpected twists to familiar holiday situations. Now in its ninth year, this popular production continues to keep audiences rolling in the aisles every Christmas. Dec 11 | 7:30p
Dec 12 | 7:30p
Dec 13 | 7:30p
Noorda Theatre
poster The Mystery of Edwin Drood
Musical Theatre Production
Director: Rob Moffat
This wildly warm-hearted musical kicks off when the Music Hall Royale "puts on" its flamboyant rendition of an unfinished Dickens mystery. Edwin Drood disappears mysteriously one stormy Christmas Eve - but has he been murdered? And if so, whodunnit? The giddy playfulness of this play-within-a-play draws the audience toward one of Drood's most talked-about features, the audience votes on the solution as prelude to the most unusual and hilarious finale! Jan 15 | 7:30p
Jan 16 | 7:30p
Jan 17 (matinee) | 2:00p
Jan 17 | 7:30p
Jan 29 | 7:30p
Jan 30 | 7:30p
Jan 31 (matinee) | 2:00p
Jan 31 | 7:30p
Noorda Theatre