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Dept Doc Type **Proposal** Submit to BOT BOT Meeting Submit to OCHE SBR Meeting Sumbit to NWCCU NWCCU Approval Status Target Year
[AA] AVPAA Academic Programs
[AP] College of Aviation & Public Services
[AR] School of the Arts
 AVC  R401B  BA In Art History               201540 
TA  R401B  BFA Theatre Arts: Acting, Musical/Theatre, Theatre Design and Production Emphases.                201540
[BU] Woodbury School of Business
MGMT   R401G  Entrepreneurship for Non-Business Majors Certificate of Proficiency                 201540
[ED] School of Education
[HS] College of Humanities & Social Sciences
 LANG  R401G  Latin American Studies Minor                201540
 R401G  Portuguese Minor                201540
[SH] College of Science & Health
BIOL R401B Graduate Certificate in Regulatory Affairs for  Life Sciences 2/4/2014 2/13/2014 2/20/2014 5/16/2014 6/1/2014    NWCCU 201440 
ESCI R401B Geography Minor               201540
[TC] College of Technology & Computing
BTM  R401G Six Sigma  Green Belt Certificate of Proficiency                201540
 DGM R401B BS Digital Cinema                201540
R401B BS Web Design and Development: Interaction & Design, Web & App Development empases                201540
R401B BS Digital Audio                201540
R401B BS Animation and Game Development                201540
R401G Digital Media and Emphases Discontinuation (Contingent)               201540
R401G Advanced Digital Cinema Certificate of Proficiency               201540
 ENGT  R401B BS Mechatronics Engineering Technology                201540
IST  R401B Graduate Certificate in Cyber Security 11/19/2013 12/5/2013 12/6/2013 7/18/2014
 8/1/2014   NWCCU 201440
R401G BS Emphasis in Information Security Management 11/19/2013 12/5/2013 12/6/2013 5/16/2014*  6/1/2014   NWCCU 201440
R401G Applied Data Analytics               201540
R401B BS Information Management                201540
[UC] University College

*Projected dates, subject to change.
GCC = On Regents' General Consent Calendar