University Advanced Standing (UAS) - Exceptions

Before students can register for upper-division coursework (3000 or higher), they must qualify for University Advanced Standing (UAS) by:

  • completing, and/or transferring in, at least 24 credits of college-level coursework (1000 or higher);
  • having a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher.

Academic departments may also establish additional advanced standing requirements that must be met before students will be allowed to enroll in upper-division courses within their disciplines.

The following courses are excluded from UAS coding as approved by the SVP of Academic Affairs (Jeffrey Olson).

Subject Course Title
School of the Arts
DANC 321R Pointe III 19-Apr-12
322R Ballet Technique & Theory III for Men 19-Apr-12
327R Ballet Technique III 19-Apr-12
341R Modern Dance Technique & Theory III 19-Apr-12
342R Modern Dance Technique & Theory III 19-Apr-12
346R Modern Dance Performance 19-Apr-12
370R American Social Dance III 19-Apr-12
371R International Ballroom Dance III 19-Apr-12
372R Latin Ballroom Dance III 19-Apr-12
376R Ballroom Dance Co Reserve Tour Team 19-Apr-12
421R Pointe IV 19-Apr-12
422R Ballet Technique for Men 19-Apr-12
423R Pointe V 19-Apr-12
424R Pas de deux 19-Apr-12
425R Repertory Ensemble 19-Apr-12
427R Ballet Technique IV 19-Apr-12
428R Ballet Technique V 19-Apr-12
429R Utah Regional Ballet Repertory 19-Apr-12
441R Modern Dance Technique & Theory IV 19-Apr-12
442R Modern Dance Technique & Theory IV 19-Apr-12
471R International Ballroom Dance IV 19-Apr-12
472R Latin Ballroom Dance IV 19-Apr-12
476R Ballroom Dance Co Tour Team 19-Apr-12
MUSC 306R Advanced Keyboard Skills 06-Sep-12
320R Masterworks Chorale 19-Apr-12
320R Masterworks Chorale 19-Apr-12
322R Chamber Choir 19-Apr-12
327R Men's Chorus 11-Apr-13
328R Women's Choir 19-Apr-12
330R Wind Symphony 19-Apr-12
331R Percussion Ensemble 19-Apr-12
332R Jazz Ensemble 19-Apr-12
3620 Percussion Practicum 14-Jan-13
370R Symphony Orchestra 19-Apr-12
372R Chamber Orchestra 19-Apr-12
373R Small Ensembles 14-Jan-13
423R Opera Workshop 06-Sep-12
THEA 3503 Stagecraft II 07-May-12
3513 Set & Prop Construction & Painting 07-May-12
3553 Period Styles for Theatre Design  07-May-12
3713 Theatre & Drama in the Elementary School 07-May-12
3731 Dramaturgy 07-May-12
3753 Script Writing II 07-May-12
4713 Script Writing III 07-May-12
4713 Script Writing III 07-May-12
374R New Script Workshop 07-May-12
458R Special Topics in Theatre  7-May-12

Subject Course Title Approved
Woodbury School of Business
LEGL 3130 Real Estate Principles & Finance 19-Apr-12
3140 Real Estate Law 19-Apr-12
3170 Real Estate Contracts & Agency 19-Apr-12
MILS 3200 Small Unit Leadership I 19-Apr-12
3210 Small Unit Leadership II 19-Apr-12
345R Advanced Leadership Dynamics & Techniques 19-Apr-12
4200 The Profession of Arms I 19-Apr-12
4210 The Profession of Arms II 19-Apr-12
445R Transition to Officership 19-Apr-12
4500 Advanced Leadership & Operations 19-Apr-12
EDSP 3400 Exceptional Students  19-Apr-12
EDUC 5300 Content-based Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment 30-Jan-13
5340 ESL for Practitioners 24-Aug-12
5350 Theories of Second Lang Acq - Practitioners 24-Aug-12
5360 Multicultural Education - Practitioners 24-Aug-12
5370 Assessment in ESL Learners - Practitioners 24-Aug-12
5380 Literacy & Linguistics in ESL - Practitioners 24-Aug-12
5390 Family/Community Involvement - Practitioners 24-Aug-12
5500 Teach K-8 Numbers/Operations - Practitioners 24-Aug-12
5510 Teach K-8 Numbers/Proportional Reasoning - Practitioners 24-Aug-12
5530 Teach K-8 Geometry/Measurement -  Practitioners 24-Aug-12
5540 Teach K-8 Data Analysis/Problem Solving - Practitioners 24-Aug-12
5550 Teach K-8 Assessment & Intervention - Practitioners 24-Aug-12
5700 Foundation Dual Lang Immer Ed 14-Sep-12
5710 Instr Strategies, Curriculum, Classroom Mgmt for Elem 30-Jan-13
ASL 3000 Advanced American Sign Language 19-Apr-12
3050 Technology for Deaf Studies 19-Apr-12
CHIN 3050 Advanced Chinese 19-Apr-12
FREN 3050 Advanced French 19-Apr-12
GER 3050 Advanced German 19-Apr-12
JPNS 3050 Advanced Japanese 19-Apr-12
PORT 3050 Advanced Portuguese 19-Apr-12
RUS 3050 Advanced Russian 19-Apr-12
SPAN 3050 Advanced Spanish 19-Apr-12