Newsletter 1.1

Welcome to a new school year

Welcome to an exciting new year from Accessibility Services! Based on our observations regarding accommodation letters over the past few years, we're instituting some changes that we believe will streamline the accommodation process for you with more information and less work.

As many of you will remember, in the past the Accessibility Services Department has sent out two letters; one for you to keep and one for you to send back to our office. Starting in the fall, you will only receive one letter. There will be no need to send a letter back. We found that, as a percentage, very few were returned, and there was no legal stipulation to get one back, so we've moved away from requiring it. There is still a place for the faculty to write when they received the letter and if there are major concerns about accommodations, please contact the ASD counselor directly. As well, the letters will look a bit different, since they're being generated by a different system than was used in the past, but we've tried to keep the format consistent. Some letters were produced through the old system, so either letter should be accepted.

We've also expanded the explanations of the various accommodations. We hope that this will help you know the intention of the various accommodations. There were some accommodations that were listed very briefly but raised some concern about what we meant, or sometimes they implemented in problematic ways. We've added far more detail to these so that you can more clear about what our intention was, and what we weren't asking for.

Nevertheless, we're very interested if you have concerns about the accommodations listed in the letter or about when it is given to you. We realize that there may be some concerns about what to do with the student who waits until the last week, or the last day, to give you a letter. Periodically there may be questions about requests for accommodations that aren't listed. With those issues, please know that you are not under obligation to provide accommodations retroactively or those that aren't listed. If you have questions about the wording, the intention, or the implementation of an accommodation, feel free to contact the Accessibility Services Department and the ASD counselor by phone (863-8747) or by the e-mail listed at the end of the accommodation letter. If you have concerns about the accommodations, you should not simply refuse to provide them or determine that they are a fundamental alteration of the course. You should consult with the ASD before doing this. In fact, recent Office of Civil Rights decisions and conversations with our insurer have highlighted how important that consultation is.

We've also placed the disability statement for your syllabus on our website at and it can also be found here: "Students who need accommodations because of a disability should contact the UVU Accessibility Services Department (ASD), located on the Orem Campus, in LC 312. To schedule an appointment, or speak with a counselor, call the ASD office at 801-863-8747, or for Deaf/Hard of Hearing individuals, use the video phone number, 886-760-1819."