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Living Engaged

Engaged Learning is a fundamental principle at UVU, and ASL Academic Village applies that attitude. ASL Academic Village was set up with the philosophy of providing a place where students could interact and involve themselves in their langue of study, American Sign Language. Established at Wolverine Crossing (seconds from I-15 and walking distance from UVU) ASL Academic Village provides students with the kind of student housing experience they would want. Academic Village offers ASL community classes held twice a week, along with monthly activities for residents to mingle and interact with each other. Not to mention all the amenities available at Wolverine Crossing make it a great place to live. Come be a part of it!


Peter Cook Link to Youtube Video Will Garrow and Flavia Fleischer link to youtube Ella Mae Lentz' Endorsement
 Peter Cook  Flavia Fleischer & Will Garrow  Ella Mae Lentz


ASL Academic Village - Resident Team Leader Position (AAV RTL)

This is a unique Residence-Life Leadership Position at UVU that works specifically to engage Deaf and Hearing students in a off-campus housing.  The ASL Academic Village has a Resident Team Leader Position which is an integral part of the University initiative for being both "ENGAGED" and "INCLUSIVE."  The AAV RTL is here to provide students with language leadership, involvement and inclusion, in an ASL-based language-immersion environment. The ASL Academic Village establishes the true campus life experience for those whose native language is ASL and for those students engaged in learning ASL.  It enhances social, recreational, educational, and leadership opportunities for Deaf and Hearing students engaged in ASL.  Incentives of the AAV RTL position includes: various leadership trainings, resume' building, engaged practical experience and an associated scholarship award*.  

If you are interested in applying for the ASL AAV Resident Team Lead Position, please click on the link below:

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