ASL Academic Village

UVU Students in ASL Academic Village

UVU Students in ASL Academic Village

Engaged Language Immersion

Engaged Learning is a fundamental principle at Utah Valley University and the ASL Academic Village applies that attitude.  The ASL Academic Village was set up with the philosophy of providing wholesome community experiences where all students can feel included and involved, while enhancing their language of study (American Sign Language).  Establishing a connection within local housing communities, the ASL Academic Village provides UVU students with the kind of student housing experience they would want, while living off campus.  

The ASL Academic Village provides all members with experiences in Deaf culture and teaches valuable skills through language immersion and leadership opportunities.  The ASL Academic Village also accomplishes its community goals by offering monthly activities for residents to interact through trainings, internships, guest speakers, and community events.  We hope to give people a great living experience and keep them engaged while they attending Utah Valley University. Come be a part of it!

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Professional Endorsements

Peter Cook Link to Youtube Video Will Garrow and Flavia Fleischer link to youtube Ella Mae Lentz' Endorsement
 Peter Cook  Flavia Fleischer & Will Garrow  Ella Mae Lentz