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Call for Presentations

We invite proposals for presentations that cover a broad range of topics related to Deaf people, their language, culture and related issues. Presentations should be based on original work and present current research/thinking relevant to the field of Deaf Studies, including but not limited to perspectives from anthropology, history, linguistics, interpretation and translation, education, psychology, sociology, public administration, political science, social work, philosophy, ethics, art, law, literature, ASL instruction, and any number of other allied disciplines.

Those selected to present at the conference will generally be given a 50-minute time slot consisting of 40 minutes for presentation and 10 minutes for questions. (Alternative presentation times may be arranged as warranted.)

In order for presentations to be included in the proceedings, presenters must turn in a completed electronic copy of their papers at registration. Presenters who submit papers on time will receive the $100 gift card. If a presenter fails to do so, s/he will not qualify for the $100 gift card. Presenters who wish to make changes to their submission following the conference will have until April 30th to submit a final version. Otherwise the original submission will be used. The conference proceedings is a nonexclusive use of the work, which allows writers to publish elsewhere with only a note that it appeared in the proceedings first.

There are a limited number of presentation slots available. The editorial board will begin reviewing submissions upon receipt, and we encourage applicants to submit proposals immediately. To ensure consideration, presenters should submit their proposals by December 1, 2013.

Note: The December 1st deadline for presentation proposals has passed and the editorial board is reviewing the proposals submitted so far. However, there are still a limited number of presentation slots available, so we will continue to accept proposals until the slots are all filled or until December 22nd. Please submit your proposal as soon as possible because the slots are filling up quickly.

Please fill out the online presentations proposal form.

Please feel free to download our flyer, print and post it, or share it online.