What is the A-team?

What we do

A university-wide team of individuals, who have joined together to create a welcoming and supportive campus here at Utah Valley University for those with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Members of the A-Team combine efforts to enhance the university experience and learning outcomes for students with ASD by:

  • Working hard to create a significant shift in perception
  • Making an impact
  • Doing something lasting
  • Providing others with an opportunity to succeed and contribute

Where does this team originate from?

It originates from the Melisa Nellesen Center for Autism at Utah Valley University.

What is our focus?

To influence the attitudes and understanding of what students with Autism Spectrum Disorder bring to our UVU campus community.

A-Team Resources


Become more aware. If autism is hidden, I search for ways to help and support the student.


Create more acceptance. Acceptance starts with me. I accept a different way to see the world, to communicate, to demonstrate competence of understanding of certain skills, of self-expression.


I promote equal opportunity by providing access to campus resources, activities and support.

  • Autism support for your classroom
  • Learn more about what types of supports are available for students through UVU’s Accessibilities Department
  • All of us learn and see things differently. Here are ways to incorporate the wide variety of learners and learning through Universal Design. See some examples of ways to create a Universal Design friendly Syllabus.


I make a daily change through my actions. I act now and choose kindness.

You can choose how you include and support someone with autism every day. True change only happens when each of us makes a conscious effort through our regular actions. What are you going to do now?


I create an atmosphere that promotes self-advocacy. Students are here to become more. I do what I can right now to create an atmosphere that assists them in their journey of self-advocacy and empowerment.