Automotive Technology


Automotive technology involves much more than the mechanical ability to replace parts. Because of this, Utah Valley University has designed this curriculum for the individual who has ability and aptitude to become a skilled automotive technician.  Each enrolled student will have the opportunity to receive "hands on" training with vehicles, equipment, and tooling that is used in shops around the country.  With the Automotive industry continually pushing the edge of technology, tools and equipment are constantly changing and getting more expensive.  Many of the needed specialty tools are available for students to check out from the Tool Room.  In addition to the tool room each student is required to bring their own set of hand tools.  If you would like a complete list of required tools please contact the Automotive office, or an instructor.


Degrees & Graduation Requirements

  • Certificate in Automotive Technology (31 credits)
  • Diploma in Automotive Technology (55 credits)
  • Associate in Applied Science in Automotive Technology (64 credits)
  • AS Pre Major in Automotive Technology (63 credits)
  • Bachelor of Science in Technology Management (124 credits)

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Degrees & Programs