Department of Art & Visual Communications

The 2015 AVC Faculty Show places over 60 new works from the Department of Art & Visual Communications (AVC) into new contexts. Pieces highlight the achievements of current AVC Faculty and are grouped in unique ways, bringing new interpretations to light.


The AVC Faculty Show is a Current Exhibition at the UVU Woodbury Art Museum and will run from October 6 - December 3, 2015


September 2015

Sean Gibson

BFA Show

"Out West"

UVU Library, 5th floor

September 1 - 30

Opening Reception

September 4, 7p

Allison Bowers

BFA Photography Show

"Under the Night Sky"

Orem City Library Rotunda

September 1 - 30

Closing Reception

September 25, 6:30p-9p


October 2015

Ascha Lorisa

BFA Art Show

"Realizations of Reverie"

300 N 100 W Provo Utah

Opening Reception

October 2, 6p-9p