Art History Symposium


picture of inside of Art MuseumMuseums, Museology & the Exhibition Space: The Study of Spectatorship in Art

Feb 27, 2015 11a - 2:30p
UVU Library Auditorium (Li 120)

Keynote Speaker:
Lisa Eriksen, Museum Studies
John F. Kennedy University, Berkeley Campus

As an independent consultant, Lisa assists museums and cultural organizations by providing foresight training, strategic planning, fundraising and program services with a focus on planning for a preferred future. From 2011 to 2013, she served as the project director of the California Association of Museums’ “Leaders of the Future: Museum Professionals Developing Strategic Foresight,” an IMLS-funded program that provided innovative foresight training to museum professionals. Lisa holds a certificate in Strategic Foresight from the University of Houston and serves on faculty at the John F. Kennedy University Museum Studies program. She has spoken and delivered workshops at numerous professional conferences and is a founding member of the California Association of Museums Foresight Committee.


Art museum pictureFirst Session

Moderator: Courtney R. Davis, Asst. Professor of Art History

Welcome to the Sixth Annual UVU Art History Symposium
Courtney R. Davis, Symposium Director

Keynote Address: Lisa Eriksen, MA, John F. Kennedy University
"Futures Thinking in Museums: Trends, Innovation,and Relevance in a Changing World"

Rita Wright, Ph.D., Director, Springville Art Museum
"Implications of Juhani Pallasmaa’s Phenomenology of Architecture for the Art Museum Experience”

Melissa Hempel, MA, Director, Woodbury Museum
“What Happens When Art Hides? Using Museum Ethics to Navigate Display"

Keith Snedegar, Ph.D., Assoc. Prof. of History, UVU
“ArtPrize: Taking it to the Streets (and Social Media) in a Midwestern City”

Second Session

Moderator: Kamree Gale, BS History Ed. UVU, VP Art History Club

Kimberli Lawson, Ph.D., Humanities, UVU
“The Native Remains: Negotiations of North American Indian Art, Artifact, and Natural History with the American Museum”

Rachel Povey, MA candidate, Art History, University of Utah.
“Museum Display and Institutional Critique in Chris Burden’s Oh, Dracula”

Brittany Todd, BA candidate, Integrated Studies, UVU
“Buddhist Meditation and the 1960s Avant-Garde: The Role of the Exhibition Space”

Loclyn Torres, BA student, Integrated Studies, UVU
“How Does the Decision to Censor Impact the Museum?”

Ellie Parker, BFA candidate, Painting & Drawing, UVU
“Springville Museum: The Heart of Art City”