The BFA degrees require students to publicly display their work. To find space for your show, please download the AVC BFA Exhibit form

BFA Exhibitions

December 2013

Lil's Paper
Brian Nye, Justin Smith, Michelle Ellis
December 12 – 28
Covey Center

Magann Wilkinson
December 14 – 28
Orem City Rotunda

January 2014

Juanita Ahquin
Library 5th Floor Gallery

Sarah Blackbourn
SC second floor, Ballroom Rotunda

March 2014

"Mysticism & Illusion"
Rick Suchoski
Orem City Rotunda
Mar 1 – 31

BFA Exhibitions in Conjunction with the Student Art Show
Woodbury Museum

April 2014

"An Escape"
Forrest Dalmer
Orem City Rotunda

The Demono of Corrath
Justin Mayhew
Library 5th Floor Gallery 

May 2014

The Wonders Around Us 
Travis Adamson
May 2 – 17
Library 5th Floor Gallery

Michael Denning
May 16 – May 31, 2041
UVU Student Center 2nd Floor Grande Ballroom Gallery

Illustrators Extraordinaire
Jessica Weaver, Brandon Bolader, Sarah Kelsey, James Poai
May 17-31
Library 5th Floor Gallery

Heather Bliss
Photography Prints
Orem City Rotunda

June 2014

Christi Hill
SCERA Gallery 101