Administration Title Phone Email
McEntire, David Dean, College of Aviation and Public Services 801-863-7810
Sturtevant, Thomas Associate Dean, College of Aviation and Public Services 801-863-7518
Hopkinson, Russell Director - Aviation Safety 801-863-7784
Markides, Mario Director - Flight Operations 801-863-7785
Tanner, Ryan Director - Aviation Academic Support 801-863-7840
Berlin, Dustin Interim Director - Global Aviation 801-863-7870
Skene, Nate Chief Instructor 801-863-7853
Blad, Matt Assistant Chief Instructor 801-863-7808
Downing, Claire Administrative Support III (Dept. Chair) 801-863-7816
King, Susie Administrative Support IV,
College of Aviation & Public Services
Hollister, Ashley Administrative Support III 801-863-7821
Eldredge, Wes Coordinator of Student Success & Retention 801-863-7813









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