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Students who fly locally at UVU will have the opportunity to use our state-of-the-art facilities and receive personal instruction from faculty and staff. Studying locally still opens up the option to take online courses. Students in the Professional Pilot program will train with UVU’s FAA Certified Flight Instructors, many of whom are our best alumni.

UVU stands out as the top choice for students seeking an excellent safety record, rigorous flight training, and great career placement. UVU operates the safest and most advanced training aircraft fleet in the world. The fleet includes the Diamond DA20 Katana, DA40 Diamond Star, and the DA42 Twin Star (a performance twin-engine aircraft.) The all-Diamond fleet offers advantages in safety and lower maintenance costs which are reflected in our competitive aircraft rental rates. Our fleet of 23 aircraft allows training in “glass cockpit” (computerized instruments) and is maintained in our own FAA part 145 repair station which no other school offers.

Students seeking managerial aviation careers, or who wish to pursue helicopter or non-fixed-wing training, are best suited for our Aviation Administration degree. Completion of the curriculum will produce a well-rounded graduate with a combination of industry knowledge and general business management skills. Graduates will find employment in a variety of areas within aviation, and the degree can be a useful bridge into graduate degree programs

SkyWest Bridge Program

UVU has partnered with SkyWest Airlines and is pleased to offer access to the SkyWest Pilot Cadet Program – an unmatched opportunity for students who are interested in becoming a pilot at SkyWest Airlines. Students who qualify for the program will receive a guaranteed interview with SkyWest for a first officer position, mentorship and close association with SkyWest pilots, a conditional offer of employment, and potential opportunities to participate in recruitment events and outreach programs within the community. Click here for more information.


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