Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

- What is the mission of the Department of Basic Composition?

To prepare students to read and write for academic audiences.

- Where is the Department of Basic Composition?

The Department of Basic Composition is part of the University College, which is located on the second floor of the Liberal Arts building.

The Department Chair's office is LA 234e, and the Basic Composition advisor is in LA 221R.  If you need a department stamp to add a class or have general questions about ENGH 0890 or 0990, the second floor of the LA building is your destination. (ENGL 1010 is offered by the Department of English and Literature, and its department office is downstairs in LA 114.)

- Who should take ENGH 0890 or 0990?

Many students who take ENGH 0890 and 0990 have been away from school for an extended period of time. This two-course sequence provides the opportunity and support for these students to succeed.

Some students may be high school graduates who may lack confidence or skill in writing. For many ENGH 0890 and 0990 students, our writing instruction represents new lessons because sometimes in high school, there are few opportunities to write several drafts of papers and receive adequate feedback.

In a sense, ENGH 0890 and 0990 are "bridge" courses between a high school education and college education. These courses also form a bridge between a bilingual or international experience and the experience of earning a college degree by writing academic English, as well as fulfilling other requirements.
Some students are required to take and pass courses in basic composition before they can enroll in ENGL 1010.

- How do I get to ENGL 1010?

The Department of English and Literature has established the following prerequisites for ENGL 1010:

An ACT Test score of 19 on the English portion of the ACT Test. ?-OR- ?A score of at 65 on the Accuplacer: Reading Comprehension test AND a score of at least 85 on the Accuplacer: Sentence Skills test. ?-OR- ?Completion of ENGH 0990 with grade of C- or better.
Successful completion of ENGH 0990 will prepare you for writing assignments in ENGL 1010.

The Accuplacer tests can be retaken once every two weeks for a fee.

Check with the Department of English and Literature (LA 114) for information about any challenge tests available for placement directly into ENGL 1010.

- How do I register for ENGL 1010?

Before you can take ENGL 1010, you need to finish ENGH 0990 and earn a grade of C- or better.

It is possible to register for ENGL 1010 while still taking ENGH 0990 by requesting an "ENGH 0990 to ENGL 1010" registration form from the English Department.

This form will be available after midterm during the registration period for the next semester. It must bear the appropriate stamps and signatures and be submitted to the registration window in the administration building.

- What is taught in ENGH 0890 and 0990?

ENGH 0890 prepares students (in a student-centered teaching environment) for ENGH 0990, ENGL 1010, and additional writing in other courses. In ENGH 0890, students:

  • Distinguish informal writing from formal writing.
  • Learn to edit papers for correct usage and mechanical accuracy.
  • Use the writing process and peer review strategies.
  • Create portfolios, a collection of their assigned writing (informative, persuasive, and research).

In 0990, students are being prepared to write for ENGL 1010 and their other college courses. In 0990, students:

  • Prepare for ENGL 1010 by learning peer review skills, critical thinking skills, and understanding writing for different audiences.
  • Work online and collaboratively.
  • Edit their papers for correct usage and mechanical accuracy.
  • Focus on informative, persuasive and research strategies.
  • Write mixed-genre papers where multiple sources are integrated into their essay writing.
  • Create portfolios, a collection of assigned writing which show student progress over the term.

- What are the prerequisites for ENGH 0890 and 0990?

Placement into ENGH 0890 and 0990 is determined by using scores from two tests offered in the Wolverine Service Center. The first test is the Accuplacer Reading Comprehension test. The second test is the Accuplacer Sentence Skills Test.
If you don't know what your scores are, check with an advisor in LA 221R or a general academic advisor in the Losee Center, LC 402.

- How do I register or add/drop ENGH 0890 and 0990?

Prior to and within the first week of a semester, a student may register for any ENGH course with the pre-approval of the academic advisor for Basic Composition (LA 221R or 801-863-8729).
If a course is full, a student has two options: Wait List or ADD card.
The Wait List is a first come, first served electronic reservation system. The Wait List is accessed through UVLink on the course registration page. When a seat becomes available, the student is notified through email on UVLink. The student then has 24 hours to register for the course. To add a class using the Wait List, a student must have departmental approval from the academic advisor before being allowed to register on the wait list.
ADD cards will only be accepted during the 2nd week of the semester. Pick up an ADD card from the Basic Composition (ENGH courses) advisor. She can be reached by phone at (801) 863-8279; her office is located in the Liberal Arts Building (LA 221R). If there is room in the course, your instructor will sign your ADD card. After your teacher signs your ADD card, take the card to LA 221R for a department stamp. You then take the ADD card to One Stop and pay a $10 fee for adding the course.
Registration is not complete until you take the ADD card to One Stop.

- How do I withdraw or drop from ENGH 089 or 0990?

Should it be necessary to quit attending any class, a student must officially withdraw in the Registration Office (BA 106) by the dates published in the class schedule or risk a failing grade. A UW (Unofficial Withdrawal) is equivalent to an E (failing grade) on a student's transcript.

- I need to drop my English class, but it's after the drop deadline.  How do I do this?

After the drop deadline, students with documentation of "exceptional circumstances" will be allowed to drop classes by obtaining a stamp on a Registration-provided withdrawal form. If you are dropping ALL classes, including English classes, you should have the Chair in your major department sign a form to drop all classes; otherwise, bring your documentation to the department for examination. Pick up an Exception to Withdrawal form from LA 221R or the registration office, Business Administration (BA 106).

- What is the Basic Composition "ADD" policy?

  • Class size for basic writing classes is strictly limited to 23 students
  • No add cards are allowed during a semester's first week of classes. This means that if you can't add it on the computer via the WAIT LIST, you can't add the class during the first week, since the computer is tied to the maximum enrollment for the class.
  • Instructors may (at their discretion) add during the second week of classes in the semester. The instructors must take roll and only add the number of students that correspond to "empty seats" in the class.
  • No "ADD's" will be processed from the 3rd week of school forward

- Can you help me find my instructor?

  • Every Basic Composition teacher provides contact information on his or her syllabus distributed during the first week of classes. Many syllabi also appear on CANVAS.
  • If your Instructors have an office at UVU, we can give you their office number, location and email address. You can leave items like papers and messages in a teacher’s mailbox in LA 234b. Make sure you put both your name and your professor's name on the outside of the paper!
  • If your instructor is a part-time or adjunct instructor , he or she might not have an office here, but we may have access to his or her contact information each semester. Come by the office, or call and we can look it up for you.
  • If we don't have a syllabus on file, we can contact the teachers and provide them with your contact information and ask them to contact you. We cannot give out any number or address that the teacher hasn't put on the syllabus, due to confidentiality requirements.

- How do I leave a paper for my instructor?

Teacher’s mailboxes are located in LA 234b. Make SURE your name and your instructor's names are on the front of the paper.

- If I have a complaint about my instructor, what can I do?

Please first approach your instructor and see if you can work out your difference. If that fails, you may speak to the department chair. Adjunct instructors report to a member of the "Writing Program Committee", and full-time faculty report to the Department Chair and or Assistant Chair. Check with the office to determine whom you should see, after first working with your instructor.

- How do I find the Basic Composition office?

We're part of the main UVU campus at:
800 West University Parkway
Orem, UT, 84058
The office is the Liberal Arts building (LA), in room LA 234 on the second floor. If you're on campus, the LA building is at the north end of the long hallway that runs from the Browning Administration Building (BA), through the Hall of Flags, the Science building and the PE building. If you're driving to visit our offices, you can park in the free parking to the north of the McKay building and west of the Liberal Arts building, or you can park in "Paid Parking" just to the east of the LA building. Student parking, with a permit, is available north of the LA building.

- I lost my textbook / purse / cell phone in an English class! Have you seen it?

As soon as something is turned in (that does not have contact information easily discernable on it), it is turned in to the Lost and Found, located at Campus Connection in the Student Center (SC 106g). Their phone number is 863-8797. Try checking the classroom to see if it's still there or check with your instructor (whose contact information should be available on your class syllabus). You can also check with the teacher of the class that followed your class to see if someone in that class found the item.

- What is the Writing Center?

The Writing Center is a place you review your paper with a tutor.  They will not overtly edit it, but you can have a peer reviewer or peer reader to help you to strengthen your paper.  Note: The paper can come from any of your classes, not just basic composition courses .The writing center is located in the Library, second floor, room 208.