Mission Statement

The Behavioral Science department is a rigorous interdisciplinary program (Anthropology, Family Studies, Psychology, Social Work, Sociology, Substance Use Disorder Counseling, and Autism studies) that prepares students to make positive contributions in their academic, work, and community settings by developing their understanding of human functioning in various contexts. We promote and mentor student engagement with each other and with their academic, professional, or geographic communities in order to achieve essential learning outcomes.


Associate of Science/Arts in Behavioral Science
Bachelor of Science/Arts in Behavioral Science (Students must choose one emphasis out of the following: Anthropology, Family Studies, Psychology, Sociology.)
Bachelor of Social Work
Autism Studies, Certificate of Proficiency 
Substance Use Disorder Counseling, Certificate of Proficiency

Administration & Staff                                                                               Academic Advisors

Department Chair - Dr. Kristine Doty
LA 012B   801-863-8418
Emily McCoy Marley - Advises last names A-E
LC 221B   801-863-8120 
emily.mccoy@uvu.edu   Schedule an appointment


Assistant Department Chair - Dr. Cameron John
LA 012E   801-863-8809
 Giovana Alisa - Advises last names F- Le
LC 221A   81-863-8073
alisagi@uvu.edu   Schedule an appointment
BSW Program Director - Dr. Lars Eggertsen
SB 242X   801-863-6731
 Travis Reynolds - Advises last names Lf-Ri
LC 221D   801-863-5347
travis.reynolds@uvu.edu   Schedule an appointment
BSW Field Director - Dr. Alan Misbach
LA 012Y   801-863-6724
 Lori Duke - Advises last names Rj-Z
LC 221C   801-863-6718
dukelo@uvu.edu   Schedule an appointment
Administrative Assistant (III) - Kiera Davis
LA 012   801-863-8083


Administrative Assistant (II) - Tara Hammond
LA 012   801-863-6211