Business Accelerator

Grow Your Business Accelerator


USTAR, in collaboration with the Small Business Development Center and the UVU Business Resource Center, administers the Business Accelerator, a business screening, training, and competitive funding program. The Business Accelerator applies the scientific method to new products and business start-ups. Program participants have access to cutting-edge tools, methodologies, financial resources, accomplished mentors, grants, and office space.


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 Business Accelerator Process - We help entrepreneurs turn ideas into solutions!

The Business Accelerator has 4 phases: 

What We Are Looking For

  • Teachable entrepreneurs with good ideas who are honestly wanting to move their ideas forward and develop into scalable businesses.
  • Ideas in the Software / Hardware, Digital Media, Web-Related, or Advanced Manufacturing.
  • Founding Teams consisting of at least two or more individuals. (Non-Students Welcome)
  • Program is ideally suited for entrepreneurs wanting to develop new products and markets.


  • Phase 1
    • Training is taught on the 1st Friday of each month from 8:30am to 11:30am
    • Pitches are TBD
  • Phase 2
    • Training is taught on the 2nd Friday of each month from 8:30am to 11:30am
    • Pitches are TBD
  • Phase 3
    • By Invitation
    • Pitches are TBD

What We Are Hoping To Achieve

  • Big ideas that can change the world.
  • Disruptive Products / Services that solve a customer's problem, meet a need, and are designed to have a clear value proposition to the customer.
  • Teams that can execute and achieve critical milestones.
  • Opportunities to build companies that have a solution that nails the pain in the market and can deliver revenues of $1MM to $100MM within four to five years.
  • Business Models that can be developed into a repeatable, sustainable, and profitable business with high growth potential, sustainable gross margins and defensible competitive advantages.


  1. APPLY - Email
  2. REVIEW - Applications are reviewed and determined if the company / idea / applicant is a good fit.
  3. PRESENT – Regularly the UVU BRC Screening Committee invites applicants of interest to give a ten-minute presentation followed by Q&A.
  4. NEXT STEPS - Following the presentation, applicants will be notified of how the UVU BRC Selection Committee would like to proceed.


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