What Participants Are Saying . . .

G2M Phase I would save time/money for any organization on fully developing a product/service by analyzing whether the product/service is financially viable...going beyond a focus group. - Richard

"The G2M program offers a comprehensive approach to business marketing. Our digital age is exploding with new tools and ideas that could be a critical link to building a new business. The opportunity we have to work with EXPERTS in the field and increase resources for B2B is priceless! Thank you." - Gregory

The workshop materials and the mentoring of the presenters helped me to focus much more clearly on what is needed to find out if my product is monetizable. I am very excited to move forward with this program. If I had understood these principles early enough in the process, I might not have needed funding. Thanks again, UVU BRC! It was fabulous! - Lynne

I think every start up should have the opportunity to learn the principles and steps taught in the workshop. It would save a lot of time and effort if companies followed the steps. - Jordan

We knew we needed more training. The training we received is exactly what we were looking for and gave us good insight to ensure we are offering a good product. - Nathan

As an engineer, I find it way too easy to come up with an idea and just jump right in and start programming it. Taking a step back, as painful as it may be for engineers, to do the BIH and associated tests is super important and will save you time and energy down the road. - Dave

I tell every entrepreneur I come into contact with about NISI. The G2M Phase 1 Training is great because of the tools provided that help take the entrepreneur through the NISI process. Taking time to do primary research is "Hard" for nearly all entrepreneurs, but it is extremely important. This training provides a jumpstart to the NISI process. Because of the training I know who to call, how many to call, what to say and what I want to learn. Thank you! - James

Can save an inventor and their investors a lot of time and money. Fortune 500 customer sensing and data mining tool simplified and scaled down to the entrepreneur level. It will difficult for inventors to be honest with them selves as they feel so much pain. Realizing they may be alone with their pain is tough to hear. - Ron

The workshop is invaluable for every entrepreneur because it teaches the importance of confirming the interest or need of a new product or service with real consumers in the marketplace. No new business, no matter how well-conceived or well-executed, can be a true success, if it cannot be profitable. A new business cannot be profitable without interest from consumers willing to pay a premium for its goods. Confirmation and feedback from the consumer are needed in order to perfect a business concept, and to expedite the idea's development or failure before too many resources or too much effort is wasted on it. Thank you for your efforts to teach these principles and to pass on the wisdom of other entrepreneurs who have learned hard lessons over the years and through countless ventures. - Jack

UVU BRC Accelerator workshop literally prevented a fatal product development error, saving me at least $30,000 and several months of time. - Tim

The presentation was well done and the methodology seems very useful. I see tremendous value in testing concept viability with actual potential customers and quickly determining whether to scale or fail the idea. I look forward to applying the concepts to help refine our approach to the market . - Jan

Working with the mentors was the best part of the whole day. It was tailor-fit advice coming from a very credible source. The workshop and what will follow will be invaluable to me and my company. - Rich

I really like how it was distilled down to actionable steps. Great job guys! - Ken

The real value of this workshop is the mentors and the willingness they have to help. Also all of the tools that were provided are huge! Those tools will save us so much time and help us to determine truly if our idea is a good one. Thank you for your time and expertise. - Daniel

I feel like I got more practical and useful information out of this one day then I did during my entire time attending business school. - Judd

I feel that this gives an entrepreneur a structured process to formulate their business. - Brandt

I loved the exercises, and the one-on-one mentoring that came with it. – Jon

I loved it and would definitely recommend it. - Joseph

Everyone needs a structure and set of guidelines to help them find out what they need to know before they invest too heavily into anything. Coupled with the follow-up meetings each month, we feel that if we follow this will be in a much better position no matter which direction we go. - Nathan

I think every start up should have the opportunity to learn the principles and steps taught in the workshop. It would save a lot of time and effort if companies followed the steps. - Jordan

We knew we needed more training. The training we received is exactly what we were looking for and gave us good insight to ensure we are offering a good product. - Nathan

We were very impressed with the details and ideas in the training. We found it very helpful as we are fine tuning our offerings and introducing a new service. - Greg

I found all the information to be quite useful and I enjoyed the format. We appreciated coming away from the workshop with some of our work already done (so the working time was really helpful). I'm eager to get to the homework to see how we should move forward from here. - Robbyn

It's a great process that can be of great benefit. The content is step by step info that can really get you off and running on the right foot. - Kim

The NISI Workshop really helped me and my partner figure out in a more defined way who really are our clients. I feel like now we will be able to better target our questionnaire and surveys to uncover if there really is a pain that we can alleviate. All the information was really helpful and being able to discuss particular issues and questions directly with the presenters was extremely valuable. - Efrain

In hind sight, this knowledge would have saved us a lot of time, hassles, and money if we had started with the training from the beginning. Very helpful Information! - Greg

The workshop was awesome! I think that it's so easy to fall into the trap of believing your idea is a good one just because you personally see a need for it. So going through the process you put us through and understanding the value of intellectual honesty when validating an idea is very valuable. Also, to gain free access to the tools you've developed is fantastic. - Jerry

Great means for segregating the problem from the solution, and for developing non-leading questions. -Jim

It was very quick paced and informative with enough time to ask questions and interact with fellow participants. The next steps were clearly defined. The presentation was professional and very interesting. All three presenters were excellent. - Whit

There were great ideas and techniques as how to scale the idea once you get a good one, also loved how it was explained not to pursue bad ideas that will get you nowhere and just being flexible to move on to the next thing. - Alex

This is going to sound like a canned response, and maybe it is, but G2M emphasizes getting (and respecting) feedback from your customer group. It makes sense that listening to customers, and being willing to change directions based on their needs, is will ultimately build a useful product that will be both useful and profitable. - Matt

This is a great program. I believe it gives entrepreneurs the chance to get a kick start in the right way or don't start at all and minimize the risk of failure. Therefore helping our state create more jobs. - Emanauel

Great training. Good information and definitely had me thinking. - Tyler

Very pleased with the training. Clarified questions from the book. Know exactly what is expected to move forward. - Paul

I have been thoroughly impressed with the G2M Accelerator's people and the approach they are teaching. In fact, as a patent attorney, I've been recommending the program, and the underlying NISI approach, to several of my inventor clients who need help evaluating the business viability of their inventions. It's a necessary step in the process of finding the right invention to take to market. - Jeff

Actually, I wouldn't do too much recommending as I consider NISI as a competitive advantage. But it did everything it promised. It has helped me focus on the brutally honest things that I must faced and has given me a vehicle with which to attack them together with my business partner. - Al

I felt the information was great for anyone thinking about a new business. I wish I had been through this a year ago when I started my business. It would have helped me avoid some mistakes I've made in the past year and accelerated my pivots to narrow down my product more effectively. - Brian

I really enjoyed the book NISI and this training helps an entrepreneur take action on what the book teaches. One point of feedback I would give is if possible let's get more people to share, or have the instructors review each person's work. I realize this could add significant time, but I think each participant would get more out of it by being held more accountable. - Jordan

It gives you a no nonsense practical exercise of evaluating whether your business idea is worth the while or not. - Sabina

G2M gave me the tools and road map to launching my app. The tool was a real helpful companion to the NISI book. Thanks! - Matt

All businesses can learn from a customer driven validation of your product. - Jake

I've been in a number of start-ups and internal initiatives in big companies that wasted billions because they did not do find a viable product first. The ideas and training were great. - Scott

The course was very informative and provided a sound basis to begin growing a business. - Larmar

Classroom setting asking questions that typically do not come up in a normal conversation with your business partner(s) does open up a different type of dialog. - Jon

I felt that the information was very beneficial explaining the concepts presented in Nail It, Then Scale It. I appreciated that the there is a next step to the program. - Matthew