Format & Judging

Contest Format

There will be three categories of innovation for entrants into the competition. These are:

  1. Sciences: ideas involving the use of sciences, medicine, mathematics, etc.
  2. Technology and computing: ideas for computing, digital media, information technology, technology management, public services, trades, etc.
  3. Arts: ideas involving artistic expression such as music, theater, writing, dance, etc.

Within each of the three categories there will be three designations for students, faculty, and staff. This allows for the selection of nine winners in the competition.

Individuals or teams may enter one or more categories with distinct ideas (but no duplicate entries with the same idea in more than one category).

Judging & Criteria

A panel of judges will review entries and select winners in the nine sections based on the following criteria:

  1. Originality
  2. Strength and versatility
  3. Possible uses of the idea or product
  4. Real market opportunities
  5. Identification of and solution to existing market problems
  6. Beauty of expression or presentation (specifically for the arts)

Presentation of the idea can be written, PowerPoint, prototype, and/or performance. It must include information on how the idea leads to economic impact.

The UVU Community will use a crowd voting technique to select a grand-prize winner from among the nine category winners.

* Applications are managed by a third-party system.