Channel 2 Story on UVU's Chef Peter Sproul

Check out the interview of UVU Culinary Arts Chef Peter given by Channel 2 News in Salt Lake City this year. Click the link below .



 Lyn Wells



Congratulation to Chef Peter Sproul for winning a SILVER medal in his first International competition in Luxembourg this weekend! Way to go, Chef!


Peter Sproul


2015 Knowledge Bowl Team Competition

TEAM: Four UVU CAI team members and one alternate will compete in the 2015 Knowledge Bowl in April 2015

FORMAT: 50 question test.  4 member teams will play a game of Jeopardy for 2-12 minute rounds, and points will be accumulated.


  • ATP’S Culinary Math, ServSafe Course Book, 6th Education
  • Escoffier – The Complete Guide to the Art of Modern Cookery
  • Culinary Arts – Principles and Applications, 2nd Edition
  • On Baking – a Textbook of Baking and Pastry Fundamentals, 2nd Editions

Copies of books and detailed handout available at Canyon Park Office for study individually or as a group

GOAL: Regional Conference in Indianapolis in April, 2015

Chef John and Chef Meghan

Posted 2/10/15


Announcement of UVU ACF Culinary Team

Congratulations to the following students. They have been chosen to represent the CAI at Utah Valley University and the ACF Beehive Chefs Association. Thanks to all of those who “tried out” you all did a great job! Everyone should be proud of themselves for putting your skills out there for critique.  We have accepted 8 positions for the team knowing that the cream will come to the top of the jar in a matter of time.   

Congrats to:

  • Tyson Nordgren
  • Brian Ferron
  • Amy Stone
  • Abby Bell
  • Katie Owen
  • Meagan Orr
  • Charlene Marquez
  • Chantelle Mott

 As you know the actual team will consist of 4 team members and 1 Alternate.  I also will be assigning a team manager and two “apprentices” that will assist the team and practice with the team each time in preparation for next year’s recruiting.  Solidifying an assigned position will be up to you! Fight for it! Work for it! Show us that you want it. Our first practice/meeting will be Monday October 27th from 9:00 to 11:30 at the UCCU center kitchen.

 Chef Troy


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Posted 10/2014


Catering Hours Available

Catering Hours are available. Please check the boards at Canyon Park or at the UCCU Center for times and day. We look forward to your help on these events and it is a great way to gain experience and hours.

Posted 8/27/2014


Two UVU Chefs Heading to National Competition

July 19, 2014 11:15 am  • Barbara Christiansen

Daily Herald Newspaper


Victor Perez

Jinkok Lee

Western Regional Hot Foods Team


Western Regional Knowledge Bowl Team