Submit an event or announcement

Who can submit an event or announcement to UVAnnounce?
Anyone with a UV ID can submit a calendar item or announcement to UVAnnounce.

What's the difference between scheduling and UVAnnounce?
If you've got an event or calendar item, it needs to be scheduled through UVU's scheduling office first. If you don't have a room scheduled, you don't have an event. That said, scheduling only reserves the room and/or resources; UVAnnounce exists for:

  • Event promotion: If you want to get the word out to UVU students, faculty, staff and neighbors.
  • Campus-wide event management: If your event, be it public or private, could have a significant impact on any campus groups due to crowd/parking demands, safety issues or high-profile guests.

Promotion is totally up to you, but if your event could have implications for parking, safety or VIP guests, it's your responsibility to submit it to UVAnnounce, which serves as a master calendar for campus event managers. Note: in the instructions below, it's explained how to submit internal-use-only event information.

How do I do it?
The UVAnnounce submission wizard will guide you through the steps, but a more detailed guide is provided below.


Step 1: Click "Submit"

Find your "Submit" link. At the bottom left-hand corner of any UVAnnounce Web view (week, month, day, or even inside UVLink), you will find a link that either says "Submit" or "Note: Announcements can be submitted through UVLink's UVAnnounce channel."

You will need a UV ID to proceed. Use it when you are prompted to log in. The UVAnnounce submission wizard will now pop up to guide you through the process.


Step 2: Announcement details

Headline: Use something descriptive and specific, e.g. "Rodeo club trip to Wyoming" rather than "Club event." (5-52 character limit.)

Details: Describe your event or announcement.

You might include:

  • Description of event or announcement
  • Sponsoring organization
  • Contact information

You should not include:

  • All caps, unless they're part of a proper name
  • Multiple exclamation points
  • Long URLs (they will not display as a hyperlink)
  • Dates and times, except to specify a schedule of events (see following step)
  • Admission prices or parking instructions (you will have the opportunity to do these later)

Event location: Use both room name and code when possible, e.g. Library Auditorium (LI 120).

Additional information URL or email address: This URL will hyperlink. If you want to include an email address here, use "mailto:" as in ""


Step 3: Event calendar dates

Announcement, calendar item, or both? Click the box at the top if your submission has an event date associated with it. Note: this is not the right section to indicate when you want your announcement to run.

Dates: Choose your event date and time. If you have multiple dates or times, pick the very first one. For an all-day event, click the "All day event" box.

Recurrence pattern: Repeating events or events with multiple times that fit a pattern.

Additional times: Multiple days/times that don't fit a pattern. If you use this field, be sure to use the following format:
2/14/2012 2:00:00 PM - 2/14/2021 3:00:00 PM


Step 3.5: Event details

Is your item an event? If yes, you've got some extra questions. If it's an announcement only, the UVAnnounce submission wizard will skip this step.

The more information, the better. This screen contains questions that are critical to campus-wide event management. Again, if your event, be it public or private, could have a significant impact on any campus groups due to crowd/parking demands, safety issues or high-profile guests, tell us about it here. It is your responsibility. Please avail yourself of the "Comments" box at the bottom to share anything that seems pertinent.


Step 4: Announcement publishing dates

Set your publish time. The maximum publishing time is 14 days.

If your item is an announcement only (no calendar item), this will affect when your announcement appears in the "Announcements" column (left side) of the UVAnnounce week view and UVAnnounce weekly email.

If your submission is a calendar item, this will affect when/if your item will be promoted in the "Announcements" column (left side) of the UVAnnounce week view and UVAnnounce weekly email. By default, it will promote the event 14 days in advance. It will not affect when/if your item will appear on the event calendar.


Step 5: Publishing topics

Do not check the "UVAnnounce" or "UVU Announcements" boxes. These do nothing.

If the topic folders are collapsed, click the plus sign next to "UVU Announcements" to reveal six topic choices.

Have an item that's meant for internal use only? If you have an event that is private, but could nonetheless have a significant impact on campus due to crowd/parking demands, safety issues or high-profile guests, click the topic box called "Sys" and leave all other topics blank. This will submit the item to the internal-only master calendar, but it will not be displayed publicly.


Step 5.5: Publishing topics (contd.)

Select only one topic that best fits your item. Use the following criteria to determine where your item fits best:

  • General: Does not logically fit in any other categories, such as UVU job openings, parking permit deadlines, promotions of department services and offerings, unscheduled closings or outages, weather warnings, safety alerts, etc.
  • Academic Dates & Deadlines: Tuition payment deadlines, drop/add or registration dates, graduation application dates, etc.
  • Conferences, Lectures & Workshops: On-campus trainings, seminars, conferences, speakers, workshops, trainings from off-campus sources, debates, etc.
  • Arts & Entertainment: Dance performances, concerts, museums, plays, musical performances, etc.
  • Sports & Athletics: Competitions, tryouts, practice times, etc.
  • Campus Life: Generally social in nature, but do not fit in any other category, such as student government/club activities, LDS Institute activities, humanitarian efforts on campus, ski passes, outdoor adventure trips, movie nights, etc.

Step 6: Viewing restrictions

Who are you targeting with your announcement? If you want to restrict your item to a certain group, check the pertaining box (e.g. if "Employee" is checked, only employees can view it). Note: more often than not, you're best to just leave all these boxes unchecked, which clears all restrictions.


Step 7: File attachments

Have any flyers, forms or posters you want to include? Attach them here.


Step 8: Preview

Click "Next." The dialog box will confirm your submission, which should also be confirmed via email. (If it doesn't, please contact Matt Reichman at or x6808.)

What happens next? Your submitted item goes to an approval queue. Barring any issues, it should be approved within a day or two, at which point you'll be notified by email. The queue is always cleared completely by Wednesday afternoon, in time for the Thursday morning UVAnnounce email.

Can I edit an item after submission? Items can only be edited by an approver. For edits to items either in the queue or already approved, contact Matt Reichman at or x6808.

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