Bus Pass

UTA Bus Passes

UVU UTA Bus Passes allow students the use of all UTA Regular Buses, Express Buses, TRAX and Frontrunner. It does not get the rider on to the Ski Bus or the Paratransit. Patrons must pay for that particular ride separately.

Bus Passes can be activated on your UV OneCard/UV PlusCard at Campus Connection and will take approximately 48 hours before it will work on any UTA Buses, Express Buses, TRAX and Frontrunner. Prices may vary.

The Bus Pass will be available for $80 on August 1, 2014, and valid until August 31, 2015.

Patrons must be registered for classes of the current semester AND have a UVU ID Card before purchase can be made at Campus Connection or renewed online through UVLINK.

The pass is for the cardholder only and cannot be used by another person.

If a replacement needs to made for lost, broken, or stolen cards, patron must purchase a new UVU ID Card $15 PLUS the purchase of a new bus pass

Passes are non-transferrable from card to card or person to person.

NO REFUNDS for bus passes.

**If classes are dropped, the bus pass will be deactivated and not be refunded.

via UVLink! Just log in and click on the Student tab.

Select Student Services and Resources on the left nav menu, then click on Bus Pass Renewal.

UTA options for travel

***URGENT! ***
2013-2014 UTA Transit Pass Deactivation

The 2013-2014 UTA Transit Pass (Bus Pass) expired August 31, 2014. If you purchased your transit pass prior to August 1, 2014, then you will need to purchase the 2014-2015 UTA Transit Pass at Campus Connection or renew online through UVLink.

If you purchased our pass between August 28, 2014-Sept 2, 2014, you will need to come to Campus Connection so that we can fix your pass due to circumstances beyond our control.

We apologize for any inconvenience this will cause you,
Campus Connection

Rules of the pass:

  • No refunds
  • The bus pass is non-transferrable
  • If the card is lost, broken or stolen, both a card and new bus pass will have to be purchased.
  • If all classes are dropped, then the bus will be dropped as well.
  • Must be a current UVU student registered for at least one credit class or UVU employee

If You are Having UVU Bus Pass Issues:

If anyone who has activated their UTA Bus Pass function on their UVU ID Card is having problems with UTA bus access, please contact Campus Connection, 801-863-8797 or CAMPUSCONNECTION@uvu.edu, with the following information:

  • UVU ID Number
  • Direction of travel
  • Route Number
  • Bus serial number
  • Date of travel
  • Time of travel
  • Operator name , if possible

This information will enable us to help UTA and UVU resolve any pass issues.