Temporary Signage

  • All temporary signs must have stamped approval from Campus Connection before they can be hung on the UVU Campus. Signs hung without approval will be removed and disposed of. No more than 50 posters per event.
  • Approved signage can only be hung at designated bulletin boards and tack strips throughout campus. Ask Campus Connection for details of locations.
  • All posters of any size will not be permitted to be hung on the windows in the food court area of the Sorensen Student Center (the windows that face the Courtyard across the hall from Subway, Pizza Hut, etc.).
  • If you would like to hang an 11” x 17” poster in the green display flags on the lamp post in the Student Center, approval must be obtained from the Student Center Administration Office, SC105).
  • No signs/fliers may be hung on painted walls, cement structure or cement walls, unmarked windows, bathroom stalls, machinery (soda machines, bank machined, etc). Tape of any kind may not be used.
  • Only two banners per organization per event can be hung around campus. For details on the banner policy see reverse side. To reserve banner locations contact Dawn Burgess (SC106f, 801-863-8797).
  • For information on displaying digital signage on TV’s throughout campus, go to

Signs MAY NOT Be Hung On Any Of The Following Areas

  1. Painted Walls
  2. Cement structures including concrete pillars or concrete walls
  3. Woodwork of any kind
  4. Windows, except Sorensen Center with special approval through Sorensen Center Director.
  5. Bathroom stalls, mirrors, windows, or doorways
  6. Doors or doorways, this includes glass, metal or wooden doorways
  7. Machinery of any kind, (vending machines, drink machines, bank machines, etc)
  8. Department bulletin boards, unless permission is obtained from the department
  9. Carpeted art wall located in the Sorensen Center


Policies and Procedures

  • Banners must be taken to Campus Connection for approval and to receive an expiration sticker.
  • No more than 2 banners will be approved for any single event.
  • Banner size no larger than 24 in. X 60 in. (2 ft. x 6ft)
  • You must talk to Dawn Burgess (SC106f, 801-863-8797) about the following information:
    • To be assigned a location where the banner can be hung
    • To give your index code for a $25.00 deposit
    • To give an e-mail of the contact person for your organization
  • Banners cannot be hung longer than two weeks prior to an event
  • Failure to remove banners after the event will have their $25.00 deposit forfeited.
  • Banners hung in locations other than those assigned will have their $25.00 deposit forfeited.
  • If your organization violates the above policy three times, your organization will lose the right to hang banners for a period of six months.

students walking the halls with signage appearing

Campus Poster Promotion Areas

All posters must be approved & stamped by Campus Connection, SC 106.

Student Center:


Losee Center:

Computer Science Building:
  1. 1 tack board on the lowest level behind the stairs in the center of the commons area

Gunther Trades:
  1. 6th Level
    1. 1 Small cork boards next to GT 621
    2. 1 tack board by exit Near GT 636
  2. 5th Level
    1. Tack strips only, in hallway near Audio Visual Communications Dept.
  3. 4th Level
    1. 1 Small tack board near east doors by courtesy phone
  4. 3rd Level
    1. 1 Big wooden tack board in main hallway on the opposite wall as the tack strips
    2. 3 Tack Strips and one tack board in between in hallway joining GT to Business Building 

Woodbury Business Building:

    1. Level 21 tack board by the south east entrance

Browning Admin Building:

  1. Level 2
    1. 2 tack strips next to BA 210 and 1 next to drinking fountains
    2. 1 tack board along the balcony 

Hall of Flags:

  1. 1 tack board on west wall at the north end

Science Building:
  1. Next to the vending machines entering the building and entering into the atrium

PE Concourse
  1. 1 tack board on the west wall by the vending machines

LA Building:
  1. Level 1
    1. 3 tack boards along the main hallway
    2. 1 general tack board in East hallway near LA120

  1. 2nd level cork board next to the circulation desk
  2. 1st level by the copiers

Mountainland Technology Center MATC) & Wasatch Campus:
  1. Don’t forget the MATC and Wasatch Campuses.