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CareerPassport Club - Your Key to a Successful Career and Life


The CareerPassport Club level of participation is ideal for students who are interested in expanding their career skills through a club environment, want to do more regarding career preparation than they are currently doing on their own and who want to expand their networking and/or leadership skills.


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Club Leadership Opportunities

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Want to be a club leader? Go to our Club Leadership Opportunities page to see which positions are available.

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Steps to Success!

CareerPassport Club Member Checklist

  1. Complete the "Club Orientation"
  2. Pay your Annual Club Dues ($5) at the UVU Club Office (SL 122) or UVLink. Bring Your Receipt to Your "Check-In" Appointment
  3. Email a Headshot Photo (For Your Membership Card) to Before Attending Your "Check-In" Appointment
  4. Schedule and Attend Your "Check-In" Appointment at the CareerPassport Office (LC 409)
  5. Start Enjoying Club Activities and Taking Advantage of the Member "Discounts & Freebies!"

CareerPassport Club table at Club Rush