Engaged Learning University
Distinction (ELUD)

ELUD Stamp

 The Engaged Learning University Distinction (ELUD) is awarded through the UVU Office of Engagement. This level of participation is for students who demonstrate seriousness in their coursework, career goals and preparation and identifies students as one of the University's engaged learners with advanced credentials.


The ELUD is divided into three tracks: the "Service Learning Track'" provided through the Volunteer-Service Learning Department; the "Leadership Track," provided through the L.E.A.D Program and the Center for the Advancement of Leadership; and the "Professional Engagement Track," provided through the CareerPassport Program.


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Steps to Success!

ELUD Checklist

  1. Complete the "ELUD Orientation"
  2. Schedule and Attend Your "Check-In" Appointment at the CareerPassport Office (LC 409)
  3. Take SLSS 1400, "Dimensions of Engagement" (1-credit class) Before Graduation
  4. Complete the Following 5 Tracks in Sequential Order
  5. Create and Update Your Career E-Portfolio Each Semester
  6. Complete Your Major Graduation Requirements
  7. Complete the UVU Graduation Application
  8. Complete the ELUD Graduation Application
  9. Present Your Career and Academic Preparations in an ELUD Graduation Interview and Career E-Portfolio Presentation