CareerPassport Club Events

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Family Fun Fair and Color Me Rad Run Service Project
Manning booths and networking
7:00 am - 1:00 pm
Meet at 7:00 am in front of the McKay Education Building for assignments (see the campus map)
Saturday, September 28, 2013


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Todd and Ellen making green pancake batter

Todd and Ellen adding the secret ingredient to the green pancakes.
Our booth and photo booth at the Family Fun Fair

Here's our setup for the Family Fun Fair including the photo booth.
Line at photo booth

We barely got started and there was already a line for the photo booth.
Info booth line

We got a lot of interest in our program too. They'll all sign up, right?
CareerPassport boarding dude

Who's this boarding dude wearing a CareerPassport tee? Do we have a mascot?
Tyson's family in photo booth

Tyson's family came and they got to join in the photo booth fun.
Photo booth with Tyson's family

Speaking of Tyson's family in the photo booth, here are their pictures. Such cute kids.
Photo booth with Mary's family

Mary's little family got some fun photos too.
Future mechanic in the photo booth

Lots of people had fun documenting their future dreams. This cool kid wants to be a mechanic.
Future policeman in the photo booth

And here's a future policeman. He looks great in
that hat!
Ellen and friend in the photo booth

Even Ellen and her friend joined in the future wishes. Ellen's already famous to us.
Green man in photo booth

One of the green men joined in the photos. Looks like he had loads of fun.
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