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The Track Activities level is ideal for the proactive student who is willing to put forth effort to be prepared and competitive upon graduation. Track activities focus on career and college development stages.


Click on an icon below to learn about each of the career development stages or "Tracks."

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Track Activities Stamp Track Activities Incentives

Track Participation Options

  • Select Specific Activities Within a Track
  • Select Specific Tracks You Are Interested in
  • Complete All Tracks in Sequential Order
  • Earn Track Certifications
Track Certificate
Certificates of Completion Available

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Steps to Success!

Track Activities Checklist

  1. Select a Track
  2. Complete the Track Orientation for the Track You Selected (Click on the "Track Activities Participant Login" Button on the Homepage)
  3. Schedule and Attend Your "Check-In" Appointment at the CareerPassport Office (LC 409)
  4. Complete the Track(s) and/or Activity(s) You Are Interested In
  5. Complete the "Reflection Assignment" for Each Activity Completed
  6. Learn More About Yourself, Prepare for Your Career Goals, Earn Track Certifications and Great Incentives!