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3,000,000 new freshmen start college every year, and most have no idea what major they should declare, what career they want to pursue, or how to figure out either of these two life-altering decisions! Selecting a college major can feel like a huge decision, and many students fear that if they choose the wrong major, they'll be stuck forever in an occupation they're really not cut out for. But your college major does not necessarily determine your career path or forever exclude you from other options. Surprisingly, ten years after graduation, 80% of workers are working in occupations NOT related to their college major!


Career exploration is the ticket to the job of your dreams! You'll have the opportunity to explore several major and career options. If you have already selected your major, this is a chance to validate your decision and discover several career options that specifically fit your personality, talents, passions, and abilities.



Track Activities


  • Career Readiness Analysis
  • Assessment Review and Application
  • Identifying Career Possibilities
  • Expanding Career Possibilities
  • Exploring By Major
  • Resources on Campus
  • Informational Interview
  • Job Shadowing
  • Exploratory Career Excursion
  • Your Career Action Plan

Optional Activities (Select 4)*

  • Dream Career Job Description
  • Career Fair
  • CareerPassport Lecture Series
  • Defining Your Career Path
  • Employer Info Session
  • Networking Event
  • UVU Recruiting Days
  • Weighted Chart Comparison
  • Roadtrip Nation Career Videos

*Required for Track Certification(s) and/or ELUD Requirements

Track Outcomes

  • Awareness - Increased awareness of career exploration methods, resources, and tools.
  • Knowledge - Expanded occupational knowledge regarding college major and numerous career options.
  • Application - Confident selection or validation of a college major and career path.


Track Certificate

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